Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home for the Holidays

I am home visiting for the Holidays. I return to Indianapolis on Saturday. I will miss my daughter. But I am looking forward to getting back to work though and the weather there is nicer than here! It is snowing, icy and below zero here. There it was nearly 70 f one day last week.

I have been knitting. My mother asked me to knit her a sweater for Christmas. She bought the yarn some time ago but hadn't started the sweater yet. I received the yarn when I got home on Christmas eve and I have nearly completed the back. I think I will do the sleeves next then then front.

And so - back to knitting!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Almost, but not quite

So I had planned to go to a new yarn store today. I've been in IN for a while now and it seemed like time to strike out and find a few more of the vital necessities.

Until last night. Indeed - I was looking for something new to knit (three pairs of socks and two sweaters being insufficient to hold my interest). Okay - you know - I didn't bring that (THAT) much yarn with me. But my dear - I could knit a pair of socks a day and not make a dent in what is here. I don't quite have enough to insulate the room - but really - not even my house!

I know there is no way on earth I can be anywhere near a yarn store and not buy some new yarn. So I decided it was the better part of valor to stay away from the source of sin and start a new pair of socks. I'm a loony - no doubt about it. But I have the toe on the first sock completed and I'm happy as a clam.

I still want to make a pair of the Vintage Socks. I just don't know why - they are tooooo busy. But I want them. Completely nuts. I do have some mad money I haven't spent yet, so there is a chance I would be able to purchase such a kit. I'm still pondering that one.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I am here. It is snowing. The drive was uneventful.

I will have to find a new yarn shop or two - maybe next weekend. I only brought one trunk full of yarn with me and I might run out of knitting! That would be very bad.

With any luck knitting will appear here sometime in the next few posts.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New News

I should have something substantial to put here. I have finished items that I need to post about but I've been rather busy with other things.

I'm moving, to Indiana, for work. I do not know what my internet access will be in the immediate future. I assume there will be free access 'somewhere' but right now I do not know how readily and how often I'll be able to use it.

Of course, addict that I am, I can't imagine that it will be long before I have a permanent set up.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sock Quest Success

Here they are - the socks that won Sock Quest:

On Saturday I picked up this! (It was here on Friday but the PO didn't leave it. So I had to go and pick it up). It was VERY exciting.
Inside the box was all of these good things!
Patterns (two for socks and one for a shawl) and a great sock book
Spa tools for relaxing after all the 'hard' work of knitting the socks
Pink Jello (are we allowed to eat this? It looks delish - strawberry creme) and hot cocoa to sip while I write cute little cards.
And contemplate what to make with all this lovely yarn - the center is blue alpaca that came in the little pink bag with a shawl pattern. The blue cone is shetland (A WHOLE cone!) and the brown is also alpaca. So soft! The spools are wooly thread and the bag of skeins is cotton and bamboo. Great colors.
There were also these tools - knitting clips, a WIP tube and a baggage label. The pink cloth also came with it. It is beautiful and soft.
And even a nice cat toy! How ever did Sheri know?

A great prize. I feel bad that I only knit one pair of socks.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Well - There is no way I'm going to even come close to a post a day in November.

I spent today learning to use the knitting machine my grandmother gave me. I did manage to get a few knitting type things done. I cast on, which has been a problem in the past, and knit a sleeve including false ribbing and hemming the sleeve on the machine. I am probably going to just dump the practice bits I made today. It's some crappy acrylic yarn I got free somewhere, so I'm not going to wear it. But I am going to work with it until I can manage something blanket size without too much difficulty.

Otherwise some progress was made on getting my crap together but, as with all cleaning, there appears to be more mess rather than less. I am not disturbed by this. I am not enjoying stepping over the stuff. I need to move a box of yarn and a pile of fabric in order to put a few other things in the boxes they belong in. I don't want to and that has become the mini roadblock. But it won't last long. I have a plan!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I forgot to post yesterday. I tried to get rid of a tub full of yarn today but failed. I suppose I am going to have to make something out of it. I'm going to have to work fast.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Tonight I finished a dishcloth and worked on the sweater some more, as well as, reading a benefits handbook, shredding until the shredder overheated and threw away a BUNCH of stuff. And still there is more stuff in here than I know what to do with.

So very exciting!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Day Spent not Knitting

Today I didn't knit. I spent nearly all day cleaning in my knitting/sewing room. I threw away stacks of papers and old catalogs. I filed patterns and technique sheets. I need some new three ring binders and then I need to spend some time sorting the patterns.

I took a look at the junk room and shuddered. I am going to have to get through it and sort that out too. It could take a lot of time. In the end it will be nice to have it done, but it is a little daunting at the moment.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

November Post A Day Time Again

I have really fallen off the blogging wagon. So to jump start my blogging I'm going to try to blog every day for the month of November.

I'm still knitting the sweater for my friend. I hope to have the body done soon.

I also have four pairs of socks on the needles and about four more pair I'd like to start - as soon as I free up some needles.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Camera comes home!

The camera was returned to my care late Sunday. I took a couple of pictures but the light sucked so I will retake them another day.

I have completed two pairs of socks, and I have completed approximately 1/2 of the body of the sweater I'm making for my friend's spouse. (who is also my friend). It will not be done by November. (sad) I hope to finish the body and start the sleeves soon. If I hadn't screwed up and made it too small it would have been done by now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I finished two pair of socks this weekend. Alas I have no photos. The spouse took the camera to Arizona and left it in his sister's car. Sigh.

I spent the weekend at my mother's house. We rode horses, visited a yarn shop and sat about knitting and visiting. A very successful weekend, if you ask me. My daughter and I had our first train trip. It was fine. We slept and since there were two of us we shared a seat with each other and it was nice and snuggly. My friend also came but she ended up sharing with people she didn't know. Next time there are three of us going we are going to pay extra for a sleeping compartment.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Long time no post

I have been knitting quite a bit but I haven't finished anything.

I did get some good news today - I passed the bar exam.

Hopefully I'll manage to finish something this week. Then there will be pictures and other news.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The never ending cabled sweater

It is amazing. I just keep knitting and knitting and moving stitches backward and forward and knitting and purling and still have a couple rows to go.

It's a lot of green yarn!

I hope to pick up for sleeves soon!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Starbucks Swap

Gentle Readers - I have been remiss. I received this beautiful swap package on the GASP 25th of August. It's a great package and as punishment I was not allowed to use the lovely contents until I put this up. Even though the box as been sitting bursting with goodness, out in the open
taunting me!
Inside the box was all of this:

Not one bag but Three! Marykz says they are addicting! but look at this!
If I made beautiful bags like this then I might find them addicting as well.

And now - I'm out of here so I can go and play with my new presents!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I should be at knitting group!

What am I doing home you ask? Waiting for a friend to pick up his camp stove so he can take a trip to the Boundary Waters.


Even if there is no pumpkin latte - there is knitting, and I guess that will have to be enough.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


A simple thing really. Just a baby blanket knit in garter stitch. It should use a bunch of yarn. It shouldn't be that bad, it shouldn't take that long really. But still I haven't finished it. It was too big to take to knitting last week and it still isn't finished yet.

I'd like to have it finished and take pictures.

But it's still not done.

But Elizabeth Zimmerman makes patterns for great things and I need to buy another Spun Out. Just as soon as I finish this blanket.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Blame the internet

Sock socks socks. I love socks. I want to knit all the patterns in my stash and a whole bunch of new ones I found while surfing the internet this week. I don’t think it is even possible to knit them all let alone wear them. I’m perfectly willing to try, don’t get me wrong. But that’s a lot of socks!

I’m working on learning Portuguese knitting technique. So far It’s going well. But I’m only knitting. I’ll try purling next and then – maybe – something more complicated. Maybe a birthday present for someone special. Do I know anyone special? Hmmm.

I’ve decided that I have to make a cedar chest for my sweaters. Buying one was an option, until I saw the prices. Just - no. I found a nice pattern and I’m going to try it out making a small chest for my other hobby. It if works then I will see about constructing something larger. Last night the spouse and I went to Menard’s and got a general idea of the cost. I need to make a cutting diagram so I can buy the fewest pieces.

The current obsessive project is a baby blanket for charity. I have about 1/3 of it finished. I have also found another cute hat pattern to try. And socks – I have three pairs of socks on needles and another 4 pair waiting in the wings. There has been no spinning this week. I have much plying to do though and I have found the parts I need for the tensioned lazy kate. Now I just have to find the pieces for the niddy noddy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Charity Knitting

While cleaning my sewing room I found I possess a box FULL of odds and ends. I have decided that I should knit up stuff with it. After some thought I decided to knit it up and give it to charity. Some of it will go to Dulaan and some to a local charity for which a friend knits.

Here is what I have finished so far:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh look - shiney!

I know I promised pictures – but I’m having some focus issues of late – but not with the camera. The camera operator is behaving a bit like a spastic ferret. I started and frogged four projects last night – in an hour. It’s quite shameful and I will probably go home and frog the one I was working on when I gave up the ghost and went to bed.

I finished Marta, except for some ends and buttons. I also made a pair of mittens for the Dulaan project. I have all this scrap yarn that isn’t enough to really do anything with but is too much to just throw away. So it seems like the perfect solution. I can sit and make hats and mittens until it is all gone and then ship a box of stuff away to people who need it, freeing up space in my stash.

When my daughter gets home from her vacation we are going to see if we can find some polar fleece and she can make a few blankets to send as well. It will be a good project for her.

I finally admitted to Steve that I started his sweater. I wanted him to try it on to make sure it was the proper size before I finish it.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Went to the movie with the spouse tonight. At least it was only $5. The new wife is an incipient twit, there is less story line than last time (didn't believe that was possible, did you) at least the cg was entertaining.

Of course there was no knitting. I could knit in the dark, but the spouse gets annoyed. He thinks people a) notice and b) care. Some day he'll learn. I hope.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Night Knitting

Went to knit-night. I sat on the patio, seamed the sleeves on my Marta and picked up for the body. Unfortunately no one else came. Oh well - maybe next week.

I have to find my 'other' flyer for my spinning wheel. I am going to spin up the remaining blue roving that is on my wheel and then ply it. I am going to try the cheap Lazy Kate design that I found on the internet (assuming I can a. find the site or b. find the instructions I printed when I found the site).

Tomorrow I'm going to find my camera and take pictures of things that I'm working on. Of all the stuff on my needles I only have pictures of one. What a lazy blogger!

Monday, August 04, 2008

There has been knitting!

I have finished half of Marta. I have to sew up the sleeves and pick up for the body. I might finish it up by the weekend!

I have started a washcloth and I plan to finish that up before I finish Marta. The Joy that is Knitting!

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Finally the exam is behind me. Results aren't due until October. Talk about torture! I just hope I don't have to do it again. Although I will if I have to.

I have started a new sweater - from Best of Lopi, Marta in steel blue. Once I get this one done then I will get back to the aran.

Kelly came to visit on Friday. It was so wonderful to see her. Her baby is so good. We did some yarn shopping and some knitting and general catching up. It sounds like her life is going well. Siris is doing better finally. Poor puppy.

Back to work on Monday.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Last few weeks

I have spent the last few weeks cozied up with some books, studying for the bar exam. Today was the first day of the exam. I managed to survive, mostly sane, and now I have only one day left. If I'm lucky and I managed to come up with enough points to pass I won't have to do this again. Otherwise I will have to start studying again and take it over in February. Of course I won't find out until October. Talk about insult to injury.

Oh well - after tomorrow I can get back to sewing and knitting! I'll need fiber therapy by then.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Coffee Swap Questionaire

1. Full name - Nicolette Deplazes
2. Ravelry ID - knitknot
3. Email address - nicdeplazes@gmail.com
4. Blog address - this would be the place
5. Handmade item you desire in the swap - bag
6. Starbucks item you desire - mug or beans
7. Favorite Starbucks beverage/bean - right this moment? Green Tea Latte
8. Favorite snack food - salty chips
9. Favorite color - purple
10. Favorite fragrance - jasmine
11. What types of things do you like to knit - cable, color work, lace
12. Do you spin? - yes
13. Do you dye your own yarn? - yes
14. Favorite yarns - J&S, Blackwater Abbey
15. Favorite needles - Options
16. Do you have any allergies? - smoke
17. Would you be willing to prepare an angel kit if necessary? - sure
18. Do you have any special requests? - no
19. Do you have any pets? - cats and birds
20. Is your home smoking or nonsmoking? nonsmoking

Did anyone else see the news that Starbucks is closing 600 stores? I hope they don't close the one near my work. It's already a terribly long walk to get there and there is another but it is WAY to far to walk.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July 1

My son has decided to sabotage my study plans. He brought home a playstation and a new game. I wasted at least three hours of good study time before I just shut it off in frustration.

At least I'll get 9 hours of study time on Thursday and Sunday. We are driving out to visit my parents. The deal was I'd go along - but he had to drive so I can study. With any luck I'll be able to get a few good hours in during the holiday weekend as well.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I have been mostly knitless all week.

I have been studying for the bar exam, I am way behind where I'd like to be and I haven't had much time for knitting.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

You would think a person would learn

I'm knitting away on a lovely green sweater and measure it - check the schematic - measure again - knit some more - measure again - check the schematic. It's not coming out correctly.

So rather than looking for errata I frog the whole thing, in spite of the fact that my gauge swatch was perfect.

This morning I get up and do a bunch of scribbling and decide to check for errata. There it is - a simple measurement missing from the schematic. Drat!

Oh well. Back to knitting.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I love swaps. Admit it - we all love swaps.

I love shopping for my swap partner - looking for that little extra something to make their day. My first swap was a delight - she was a brand new knitter so there were all sorts of little notions she didn't have. I found the best technique book ever ever ever while shopping for her. And she updated her blog - sometimes.

Lately I have had several horrible experiences. I've been stiffed twice. My angel the first time was so sweet, the second time my swap partner strung me along with promises until about 4 months after the swap ended, the she just disappeared.

The rest of the swaps have only been unhappy because there was no communication. Emails went unanswered and blogs weren't updated. And recently - no answers to my emails. I sent one a week and I think one was answered. What makes this fun, at least for me, is chatting with someone and getting to know little bits about them and then sending them a package you've put together based on what you learned about them (or think you did).

So here is some advice for potential swapees - check your email often - and junk mail too, send your partner emails - chat about 'stuff", make sure you update your blog, read your partners blog - you would be amazed what you can learn about someone by reading their blog. And a significant part of the fun is getting to know someone new. Send your package Priority or however you like - but get that delivery confirmation, it only costs an extra 65 cents, but it's well worth it. I have only had one package disappear but I really wished I had the delivery confirmation.

For the organizers - even handed application of the rules is a good thing - REALLY, but common sense is also a useful quality. There is no way to avoid the random flakes. but communication requirements help. And if you can't keep up - ask for help. I know there are a lot of people who would like to help.

As if anybody cares what I think anyway

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today didn't start out so well. A smoke detector started a low battery beep yesterday. I had a new battery so I wasn't worried. I put the new battery in but it still beeped. It was late so I just closed my door so I could ignore it and get some sleep - It'll still be there in the morning.

Around 3am the one in my bedroom began to beep then the one in my daughter's room began to beep. I messed around trying unsuccessfully to get them to stop until 6am. Then I called my spouse, who is on vacation and woke him up at an ungodly hour. We talked about it for some time, he told me to unplug them, I figured out how to unplug them (they are wired in but they have a little plug - who knew). I managed to get them unplugged and then waited until 9 when the store opened. New batteries fresh from the store did the trick.

After that morning fiasco I stomped around for a few hours, finished a shawl and baked some bars.

My friend and I headed out to World Wide Knit In Public Day (we do it all the time so it was hard to see it as special). She needed to replace a broken needle so she could finish her socks. We hit two stores before we managed to find them. Then we went to The Double Ewe. They were having quite the festivities. It was fun. I didn't win a door prize - but really - what do I need with more yarn.

I started working on my Box Sweet sweater. I have finished 7 squares and I hope to finish a couple more yet tonight.

After knitting we stopped at the liquor store and headed to my friend's house. Her husband was making us dinner. It was really tasty.

So in spite of everything I will count today as a win.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Should have brought a camera

I'm sitting in lovely Tucson. It's a work trip so I'm not getting much chance to enjoy it, but it is beautiful here. I think I could live here.

But tomorrow I return home. It's too bad that I didn't manage to find any souvenir yarn. I didn't even have time to look. (le sigh)

I'm suffering a little from the time change - that or sitting alone in a hotel room is boring enough to send me to bed early.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


I have been quite busy finishing stuff and starting socks. I started two new pair in the last week. I am also working on finishing a shawl I started last year. I'm just past the half way point.

I have also been working on my garden. The plants are growing and lovely. I have flowers and seedlings to brighten my day. Today we put down mulch to protect the new plants and keep the weeds down. I don't really care much for mulch but weed suppression is important. I don't have time to give an un-mulched garden the attention it deserves.

I also REALLY want to get started on the StrickWear cardigan I purchased. I keep trying to get my daughter to ball the yarn for me - but so far she keep resisting. I might lose this particular battle.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Today we had - Family law, more specifically - alimony (in all it's many forms), child support, visitation, and conflicts of law (or is the conflict of laws?). The lecturer should have used terms other than foreign and forum. They sound much too similar on tape and when strung together two or three in a row I had no idea which one he was using. I'll have to grab text for that in order to get it all figured out.

I also managed 2 of 3 on some crim law questions. Must remember assumption of risk.

Why did I think this was a good idea?

In knitting news I had to rip back the second sock of my third pair of Sock Wars socks. The prior assassin had finished the first one and used a stockingnet heel. I had already completed the s1k1 heel, turned the heel and almost finished the gusset before I noticed. Great attention to detail. I had checked her gauge but nothing else. Her gauge was perfect. The yarn is a lovely color of Tofutsie I will have to seek out.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


The weather has finally gotten beautiful.

We have had quite the week. Last weekend the bathroom had issues. We had to pull out the toilet and do some clean up and then replace everything. That was mostly done Friday. Last night we came home and the closet rod had come loose from the wall. After we cleaned up that mess and replaced the brackets I put most of the stuff away again.

In the midst of this I finished my Lucy Bag. It's nice enough - but I'm not sure if I like it. It may become a raffle prize. We'll see.

This week my daughter comes home from her school trip. I'm going to start prepping to clean up the basement bedroom it will be a really mess. But it will also be nice to have that finished as well. We are also going to start finishing the basement bath. Yikes!

I have nearly finished the knitting part of the sheep for Shannon. I'm going to go ahead and knit up the rest of the yarn I have (I think I will get two sheep) before I do the felting.

There really isn't any other finished object news this week. But I am mostly between projects. So there is a significant likelihood that something new and interesting will make an appearance on the needles. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of yarn girl!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend of Knitting

This was a weekend of finishing knitting.

Here are some lovely green socks.They are a sock of the month kit from The Knitter.com. I have no idea which month (or March 2008 which is what it says on the pattern). I'm so far behind that I will never catch up. The pattern is Down the Garden Path by Judy Alexander. The yarn is Trekking XXL, which I liked well enough to seek and buy. I knit them with 2.25mm Options dpns.

I also finished my second pair of Sock Wars Socks and the secret project. The only socks I currently have on the needles is a pair of Schaefer socks. I love the sock (I finished one) and the yarn, but the pattern is really tough. I'm sure I have frogged three socks worth of knitting just on the first sock.

I am busy with my purple felted bag. I have finished the body of the bag and 1/2 of one strap. I hope to have the knitting done this week and maybe even the felting! I am also going to (finally) start the socks I am making for my mother. It would be nice to have them done when my daughter goes to visit, so I can send them with her. We'll see. The pattern doesn't seem that hard, but you never know.

And sheep - I am ready to knit sheep!
Summer is here. Tomorrow - garden pics.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh my aching muscles!

This weekend was spent putting in a new garden. I convinced my spouse to allow me to put a ‘wild’ flower bed in the front yard. I explained many times that this garden won’t be ‘done’ for years. My friend S came over to help and we worked our collective butts into the ground. I spent a crazy amount of money on plants and planted a space larger that I anticipated and it is more full than I expected but still pretty barren. We will need to put down some mulch – but not until the seeds come up. We may get mulch and mulch everywhere except where the seeds are. I hate mulch.

There was some knitting. I finished a sock and my friend G came over and turned some skeins into nice balls for me (she wanted to use my equipment and in payment she took care of some random projects that needed to be helped along). I planted the veggie garden and then G and I went to have a coffee break and I helped her vet a portion of her new pattern.

G is writing a pattern for a pair of socks from the 16th century, based on pictures. I started this several years ago and then never finished. She is more dedicated and will be finished. She already knows what needs doing – but she uses me to talk through things. I’m going to use the knitfont I have to do the chart for her in knit speak, knit a sample to proof the chart. I think I will just make the socks and that way I will have a pair when the pattern is complete. It’s fun to talk knitting with her. We noticed yesterday that one of the pictures we have has the one sock right side out and one sock inside out. We don’t agree on which side is the right side. This was a very cool discovery. Neither of us had noticed before in spite of pouring over the pictures for hours and hours.

In return she has agreed to help proof my new sock pattern when I get it finished.

There were many interesting happenings over at Sock Wars this weekend, including the untimely demise of my assassin. The socks she was knitting for me are now on their way to Ontario. I am still waiting for the SIP (socks-in-progress) from my victim to arrive. My nerves are starting to fray a little from the stress of waiting. That or I’m just really anxious to get back in the game.

Although some of the fun of the game has gone out of it for me. Since part of the game is waiting for the SIP to arrive I am unhappy that someone who has admitted to not waiting for two SIPs hasn't been disqualified. I have spent the last week waiting for socks. In that week I could have knit 2 more pairs of socks. That isn't the way the rules were set up and we should all have to abide by the same rules.

Friday, May 16, 2008

It’s been pretty quiet. There has been knitting - Some hush hush secret knitting. I have to get busy this weekend and ball some yarn so that I can make sheep. I’d also like to start some pre-cleaning in the downstairs craft room. This room is going to become the defacto library. Since the library has become the guest room because we couldn’t get the piano in the library and had to put it in the guest room which meant there was no room for guests. It is a vicious cycle.

The spouse goes to visit his mother in couple weeks and I will be free to fill the family room with junk while I clean out the room and put stuff away. Once this is done things will be much better (for some definitions of better). Of course your mileage will vary.

I also would really like to get my ‘stuff’ sorted so that I have tools together where I can find them. That will take more time than I have, the room cleaning is more necessary, and the sorting can take place without destroying the family living area. So time management will prevail. I may do some staging of both projects over the next few weeks.

In other news I have decided to sit the bar exam (again). This means that solitary time is the call of the day and I will not be attending my knitting groups from now until the end of July. This will allow me to listen to scintillating lectures on various legal topics. Yay? I hope things work out the way I want with that. The application was interesting. Who can remember stuff that happened 12+ years ago? I’m sure I’ve forgotten something and will be refused admission to the bar.

And that, folks, is the sum total of my summer. Because, really that will be all there is time for.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Some people!

Since I washed out of Sock Madness (so close!) I had a little time on my hands (or something) So I've decided to try my hand at Sock Wars. I have purchased some Tofutsies for my 'weapon'. I love the socks I made with it from the Sock of the Month kit. So I figured why not.

I chose two colors and I don't know which one I will make the Sock War socks from but they are both nice. I will start my gauge swatch as soon as I finish my little girl's prom dress. I have everything done except hemming and I have to put the boning in by hand, since I don't want any sewing to show. I'm just a little compulsive. And I have to hurry and finish that dress because Sock War starts the 9th, which coincidentally is the same day as prom. Imagine that - sounds like fate to me!

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Here is a picture of my Adagio shawl. All done! It took at least two hours to bind of the edge stitches. Or at least it seemed like it. The photo is washed out a little. I will have to make a dress to match it so I can wear it. As long as I don't have to put a zipper in the dress.

I suppose I could have put some clothes on the dressmaker's dummy.

Finally A Peapod Picture!

Here is the Peapod baby sweater I made for my friend Kelly's baby to be. It's knit from Knitpicks WOA in Blue Saphire (or Saphire Heather - I never can find the labels after I finish.)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Still in the Finishing Mood

I am just finishing projects. I have little urge to start something new but I keep digging out the UFOs for some special attention. I have nearly completed the Adagio shawl. It would have been done tonight if I hadn't found - The Mistake. I ripped it back and I almost back were I was when I sat down this evening. I hope to finish the shawl this week. (hahahahahaha!)

Then I have a couple of sweaters that are almost done. I think I'll pull out Beadwork and see if I can get that knit up.

And those second socks I have sitting here taunting me. Those I should finish as well.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Not mad any more

Well - I finished the socks but not in time. Alas. Must have missed by mere minutes. The second sock knit much faster than the first one. I think I'm knitting them bigger than I need to, because this pair is a size 10. These ones will be sent to Kelly - just as soon as I get the picture of the Peapod baby sweater (I am not above bribery!)
Knit with Scouts Swag in Orchid on size 2.25mm. Lovely stuff, frustrating pattern, beautiful sock.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sockmadness update

I managed to sneak in under the wire on Tuesday. I like the sock and the yarn - but I have to admit that you can't see the pattern that well. I also wish I had some rust colored sock yarn with which to do the afterthought heel. A not very good picture can be found here.

The next release is Sunday morning. I doubt if I will make that run, they are only taking the top three and I don't dare take Monday off. My mother will be here to visit this weekend and although she would happily let me knit all day (being all supportive and stuff) I don't imagine I really will knit all day. Of course you never can tell. I have my yarn selected and I'll ball it up tonight so it is all ready to go.

I have nearly completed the Strickwear shawl. The rows just keep getting longer and longer. I might be able to finish it up be Sunday. Then I think I will finish the linen one that I started last summer. I found it, the started bits, the yarn and the pattern. I think I'll take that as a sign.

I'm still plugging away on the AS Mary Tudor. I still haven't managed to get to the neck shaping.

The only thing I have cast on, other than sock madness socks, is a tea cosy which would have taken me a couple hours if I hadn't screwed up two hours worth of knitting, twice. Obviously I can't knit from worded directions while talking. Part of the problem is that the directions say Repeat row 4, repeat row 3 etc and I kept losing track of which time I was repeating row 3. I should just rewrite the directions for the following impaired. That and a pencil and post-it note should help me actually finish the silly thing, maybe next week. After I wash out of sock madness (sigh).

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dooby Dooby Dooby

Yarnover was a lot of fun. I met up with Kelly and Jen early (they were early, I was late) I admired several sweater kits I didn’t need and they managed to sell the ones I was interested in before I managed to decide to buy them. I was also considering the purchase of enough yarn for a nice Aran (I only have enough yarn for two or three of these already 1 for Steve, 1 St. Bridget and one I don’t know yet) It was lovely natural colored wool. I fondled scads of alpaca and silk.

Kimmet Croft, who once put together Bohus kits was there – I talked to her about getting one – alas I was once again denied. It seems she can’t get a mill to spin her angora properly, alas (sigh). Liz informed me that she deeply desires an angora bunny. I encouraged Kelly to buy yarn.

We went up to see Franklin so Kelly and Jen could get their pictures taken and Liz had hers taken as well. By this time it was nearly noon. Kelly and Jen wanted lunch – so we checked to see how close Kate and her mother were. They were minutes away so Kelly and Jen went for lunch and I stayed to wait.

Kate and Pat arrived. I admired Niamh. Baby Cuteness! We wondered back through the trail of temptation. This time I bought stuff (gasp). I had been doing so well. I bought a pattern and yarn for two tea cosies (one for me, one for Kate, perhaps more) and I broke down and bought a kit from StrickWear. I love her stuff. The graduated colors are fantastic and I already have a shawl kit I bought at Sheepy last year so I know the yarn is lovely. Candace told me I had better finish that shawl before the sweater was shipped – or else. I’m not sure or else what.

We wondered about a bit more and decided to go for lunch. We went to The Good Earth off 36 and Fairview. I think it is my current favorite. Carrot Ginger soup! Kate thinks Lars would like to eat there. Pat read the breakfast menu – she is searching for a brunch place. I think their breakfast stuff is good.

I then headed home, did some cleaning and some more knitting on my Sock Madness Socks. They were still not done at bedtime.

Sunday after finishing a bodice for a friend, starting a prom dress for my daughter cleaning up the room a bit (required to reach the sewing machine), and finishing the taxes I found the shawl kit, figured out where I was in the process, and knit a few inches. All in all Sunday was a roaring success.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mad - I say!

Finished my socks this morning. I knit until midnight and was half through the second foot. I was up at the usual time (I don't sleep in) and finished about 9:30am.

Here they are:
The yarn is Soy Silk from Conjoined Creations on 3mm needles. The colors are very nice. And in spite of my concerns you really can see the stripes.

I will have to rip them back a few inches and reknit the toes so they fit my feet better. I really like them.

My mom is waiting to see them so I'll write about Yarnover later, but I had a great time.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sock Madness 2 Pattern three

So here is the yarn I chose:I thought it would be a good contrast. A nice peachy pink and cocoa brown with some coordinating greens thrown in.

This is how the sock is turning out:
You can barely see the stripes. I love the colors. The pattern is great fun. The yarn is very nice - but no stripes!


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A little intense

Finally finished! I cast on my Sock Madness socks on Monday afternoon and finished them tonight about 8pm. Work is severally cutting into my knitting time.

Setembrina was the recipient of these socks. She likes them. I think the color is nice. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Water colorway. I knit them on size 2.25mm needles. I think they are a little short for Setembrina's feet, she thinks they are perfect. They are her socks and she can wear them however she likes.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lovely Lace

And without further ado here are the first few inches of my personal version of the Veil of Isis. I am making it with the silk I bought at the Yellow Dog yarn store in Eau Claire. Yes, what you see there are 4 cable needles. I didn't have 5 size 3mm needles that were long enough that stitches didn't fall off them and it isn't yet big enough that they all fit on one.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Count your blessings

If I didn't have a friend with worse trouble then I have I'd be ready to give up my sinus. I have had a lovely sinus headache for two days. I hope that is goes away soon. It's making my eyes hurt.

I did manage to finish the socks for my spouse's birthday.
Plain vanilla sock pattern, Scouts Swag in MN Vikings colorway, on 2.25 mm needles. Sorry about the photo, the colors aren't so great and he kept wiggling his toes. Silly.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby sweaters

Since the shower is today it shouldn't spoil the surprise.

Sweater for my friend Kate's baby-to-be. It is Sue from Elsebeth Lavold Book 6. The yarn is Silky Wool. I really like working with it. I think we can say that I do not possess the baby sweater curse. I finished the sweater last week and so far no baby. But she is due any day. I hope she gets to stay for the shower.

I have finished one sock for my husband's birthday. His birthday is tomorrow. I hope I manage to find time to finish the second sock. The yarn is from Scout's Swag in a special color she dyed for my friend's store, called MN Vikings. The yardage is short for such big feet (and he doesn't really have big feet). so they are ankle length. I bought a sock pattern program and decided to play with it and compare the stitch count from it with what the Twisted Sisters Sock book and the Sensational Knitted Socks book said I would need. The program also gives a yarn yardage. If I had made the leg the usual length I would have run out 100 yards short. Assuming the pattern maker is correct I should have 10 yards left. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Most of today went pretty well. My wiper arm didn't work this morning, but I was pretty sure I knew what was wrong and how to fix it. So no worries.

I came home and couldn't manage it, called the spouse yadda yadda.

I packed up my stuff and headed off to my meeting. F*ing hood won't stay latched. I pulled off the highway at the first exit, and spent 15 minutes trying to get the hood to stay shut - no success. Headed down the back roads home. Found a cute little yarn/bead store. Setembrina swore me to secrecy (I was pretty mad, because when I called the spouse, rather upset about the hood thing, he hung up! so I called for sympathy)

I wondered by way home, slowly. Came in and started getting ready for work in the morning, no work vehicle keys in sight. I looked everywhere. Emptied purses, briefcases, pockets, etc. No success. Start to panic, decide to call spouse to see if he has them since he put washer fluid in it last night.

Call store, phone is busy. Call spouse cell, phone is busy. Call mom, phone is busy. Call my cell, phone is busy. WTF! Gather all phones, put them on jacks. Call spouse cell, with cell, have him call house, phone is busy. Great.

Lock doors, go to room, sit in chair, wait for chair to collapse. At least the internet works. I'm not certain I could have taken it if that had been out as well.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Yesterday, after staying up until the wee hours knitting and then getting up in the early hours before dawn so that I could finish my Sock Madness socks. I was tired, and wired. We had a big day planned! So I quickly posted my socks, took a shower and finished altering the Sheepy Sweater. Setembrina arrived in the midst of this insanity, Giovanna arrived about 10 minutes later. We jumped into my little blue car and away we went. I drove the morning shift while I was still wide awake on adrenaline, Giovanna added some finishing touches, weaved in a few remaining ends and trimmed a few others. Between the two of us the Sheepy sweater ended up looking like this
We arrived at The Yellow Dog yarn store after a quick detour for coffee. We let them know we were there, filled out some forms and petted a lot of yarn. We brow-beat Setembrina into getting her photo taken as well. It's probably okay that I knit more than a couple rows, since Setembrina didn't. I apparently can't hold needles without knitting.

Franklin was very nice. He enjoyed our impromptu homage to Dolores. (I have to admit that while I was entertained by the idea when I brought it up at knit night but without the prompting of Giovanna I would never have gone through with it). He let us get a picture taken with him (which you can see at Giovanna's Blog) Why I never think to take my camera places I will never understand.

We all purchased a little something, I grabbed up a beautiful skein of copper colored silk for something a little lacy (I have all the skill honing to do). It was the last one and very funny, the shop owner and one of the employees had been talking about snatching it up and a couple of the other customers asked if there was more.

We met Giovanna's parents for lunch (it was quite tasty). We went and had great home made ice cream and headed home. And by this time I had begun to go downhill. Setembrina drove and I slept.

It was a great day, immense fun was had by all.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sock Madness 2 - Round 1

I have survived. And I don't have to try to find free wireless in Eau Claire!

The flash certainly washed out the socks! The color is much closer to a nasty bruise that it appears in this picture.

The pattern is called Zombie Socks. The yarn it Trekking (XXL), knitted on size 2.25mm Options double points. They are a size 7 and will be sent to my mother. I hope she likes them. There is a certain pink in them that reminds me of the color her healing bruises turn. Mom and I both bruise pretty easy: hers turn a lovely shade of fuchsia, mine turn a nasty shade of yellow green.

And with that tidbit of useless and obscure information (not to mention bizarre) I'm going to go and get ready for the trip to the yarn store and photo op.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Sock Madness is coming

I can hardly contain my excitement. I keep thinking through my stash making choices for the yarn, all the techniques I know for making socks and which needles I want to use.

I think today I will select yarn - but what if I change my mind?! Then I can wind them and get ready.

I am sure I will decide to use my knitpicks options needles. I really like them. I could use my harmony dpns but some of them are split a little and catch the yarn. I suppose I could attempt to file them down and fix them, but I've been thinking about doing that for months and still haven't done it. I could also contact knitpicks about it but I haven't done that either. Brittany dpns are still my favorite but I bend them until they form c shapes.

I have been busy working on Mary Tudor. I have about 25 rows until I start the neck shaping. I hope to start the sleeves next week, although Sock Madness will have to take precedence. I don't know how I'm going to manage to wait until next week. AAHHHH!!! (hehehe)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


My yarn arrived yesterday and last night I finished it! Yay - new sweater!

I think it is terribly cute. I have to wash and block it.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Starmore and Lavold

I have gotten back to my Mary Tudor (finally) I have the body completed past adding the armhole steeks and made decisions about the placement of the neck shaping. I need to sit and write up the directions I intend to use and then I don't have to remember it later.

I have also started this sweater for my friend's soon to arrive daughter. I choose a lovely emerald green silky wool.

My daughter has started a blanket for her as well. She is knitting along quite well. She has already completed 5 rows. It's a garter stitch blanket from a Debbie Bliss book. I think it was a very wise pattern selection for someone with my daughter's skill and confidence level. She also took it so she could work on it while riding the bus when she went to work yesterday. It is very pleasing when our children make good choices.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I finished my fawkes socks tonight:

Yarn is Socks That Rock in colorway Firebird (yarn club 2007) - or maybe it was called phoenix. I wonder where I put that label? The pattern is Fawkes by Gigi Silva. If I remember correctly it was part of the Socktopia KAL.

It was a fun knit. And now - what next?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Darn it!

And I checked TWICE. I'm running out of the light gray yarn. I'm going to have to buy some more and I will have to hope the color is okay. And I can't finish this sweater this week. Gah!

Two more pair - done

This weekend resulted in to new pairs of socks. Aren't they cute! Baby Socks! The pattern is P-S757 D Fortissima Fairisle Baby Sock from Skacel. The yarn is leftovers from other socks.

I am also working on this sweater. The yarn is Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks. I have started the pattern work on the yoke. I hope to have it done this week. And in spite of the fact that my friends say they would never wear it, I think it is really cute.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm so excited

My sister-in-law just got back from visiting her family in Belarus and she brought me a present! She always brings us beautiful things. She has brought the most beautiful linen - table linens, towels and fabric. I'm still looking for just the right patterns for the blue and cream linen she brought the first time, every time I think I've decided on just the thing I have another idea. And the nesting dolls (those are still at my mother's house, I'm sure eventually I'll talk her into letting me bring them home. I have a place to keep them now that the house is done.) And some lovely crystal and she often brings little bottles of cordials from her home.

When she was last here to visit us (they live in California) she asked my mother and I what kind of yarn we would like. I said that if I could have anything I would like some of the yarn they use to make the gossamer shawls. She didn't know what that was, and I told her it didn't matter I didn't know if she could even find it or how close it was to her home and she shouldn't have to go searching for it; any nice wool yarn would be fine. But she talked to her aunt who thought she knew what I was talking about and so they found some and she brought it home. (actually they traveled to get it but I have no idea how far, in any case it was above and beyond).

Some real honest to goodness goat down lace yarn. As of yet I have not seen it but visions of lovely lacy goodness fill my mind.

I will have to admire it for a very long time and practice knitting those patterns and design the perfect thing. Something to go with the blue and cream linen!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The weekend just past

Over the weekend my spouse and I attending a doings for his hobby group. He is a freemason and a shriner. Ever year about this time they have a fancy dress weekend. It was fun and not fun, just like every year.

Last night I finished knitting one pair of the plimoth museum gloves. I ran out of yarn two fingers short of the second. I should contact them and see if I can get a little more yarn. I will probably wash and block the completed pair so that I can get that pair mailed back.

I am also going to finish my Fawkes socks this week. I only have one foot left.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two more pair - done

I finished another pair of socks this morning and washed the pair I finished and wore before I got a picture. Here they are: I will have to find the pattern and yarn information for these - since I'm not sure where I put them. I believe the yarn was Panda.

These are Shaeffer Anne on 2.25mm needles The pattern is #225 Anne Subtle Stripe Socks.

And dig the groovy sock blockers! They were a birthday present from my mother. Vera nice.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Sign ups for Knitting Camp end tomorrow and I'm not signing up and I'm not going. :(

My mom was suppose to go with me last year, but we didn't get our names pulled for that. I did get my name pulled for the mini retreat, and so did Mom - but she couldn't go. I went without her and it was a great time and I want to go again.

We were going to try to go this year - but the weekend of the session (Camp 1) she wants to go to is the same as my cousin's wedding. For some reason my mother has decided that her niece's wedding is more important than Knitting camp! Can you believe it!

I could go to one of the other ones but I want to go with someone I know this time (sharing a room is important). So I'm not going to go. I'm sad. Maybe next year, which is of course what I said last year. Sigh.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I spent all of last week sewing and most of today as well.

I am going to do some knitting this week. I'd like to finish the gloves for the living history museum. I have a few pairs of socks to finish up and I'd like to do a little more sewing.

I finished another pair of socks last week but I forgot to take pictures. I'll have to do that next week. They are pretty nice. I wore them immediately after they came off the needles.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Still nothing

I haven't had anything to say this week. My little girl's birthday was Tuesday. A bunch of us pooled our money and bought her a new camera. She was so very excited. It was a good present.

She applied for her first job on Tuesday. I hope she gets one and that she really enjoys it.

I have a pair of socks almost completed. I am teaching a class on making buttons on Saturday. I'm very nervous. I have sat around teaching stuff often and that doesn't bother me, but standing up in front of people makes me queasy. I'm going to make sure there is a table and I'll just sit down with people and talk. :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quiet Blog Week

After all the action last week it has been pretty quiet here this week. I have knit most of a sock, nice pattern, nice yarn. I will probably finishing them this weekend. I have to spend next week sewing some garb and doing a little artsy painting. Nothing big.

Today I'm going shopping to get my daughter's birthday present. I hope she likes it. It's a big present for a big birthday.

I have joined another knitting swap. I talked my friend Terri into joining too. We are having a lot of fun planning all the stuff together and that is making the shopping extra fun. I think our packages will end up being a lot similar, but there are really only so many ways you can put them together anyway.

Off to start my day. Everyone have a fantastic weekend.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Today - this happened

And while my friend was busy baking and filling my house with lovely smells I did this:

They are knit with Reynolds Soft Sea Wool, on size 2 (2.5mm). The Pattern is A Little Twisted Socks by Debbie O'Neill.

Two pairs in one week. I'm not sure the challenge is much of a challenge. The only thing that would be a challenge is if I could keep up the momentum.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Comment Spam

I have been getting an annoying number of spam comments on my posts. I have been going through and deleting them but if they continue to suck up my time I'm going to start moderating comments. This is not a pretty option but better than no comments at all.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

1 down 51 to go!

Here they are the first completed pair of socks 2008.

They are my own pattern, knit on 3.25mm needles with Patons Kroy Sock, Men's size 10. They are suppose to be knee-high-ish but the leg they are suppose to fit wasn't here so I could check.

My son finds the entire occasion terribly exciting

Whatever shall I cast on next?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First socks 2008

Here are the new socks. I'm almost to the heel!

Happy New Year

May 2008 send you great happiness and joy.

I have cast on my first pair of socks for this year. Pictures when I get to the heel!