Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The weekend just past

Over the weekend my spouse and I attending a doings for his hobby group. He is a freemason and a shriner. Ever year about this time they have a fancy dress weekend. It was fun and not fun, just like every year.

Last night I finished knitting one pair of the plimoth museum gloves. I ran out of yarn two fingers short of the second. I should contact them and see if I can get a little more yarn. I will probably wash and block the completed pair so that I can get that pair mailed back.

I am also going to finish my Fawkes socks this week. I only have one foot left.

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Anonymous said...

I did not know Fawks wore socks! How enlightening. Our order should be at my house when I get home. You father did not go pick it up at the PO yesterday even though the delivery man left a note saying it was there. Oh well.
I am so excited to look at our stuff.
Love to you