Sunday, February 09, 2014

Best laid plans

I had great intentions of getting back into the habit of updating this blog on a regular basis.  I failed.

I have been doing quite a bit of other things.

October involved applying for college.  Still unemployed.

November ended with a move in with friends. Still unemployed.  I have TOO much stuff.  I also took the GMAT.  I received a decent score, but my math scores were terrible.  If my math scores were anywhere close to my other scores I'd probably have received scholarships for college.

December involved hoping to get money for school, sewing a lot of costumes and holiday time with friends.  I also got a call from a employment agency, I went to several interviews for a job and finished up all the work to start school.  Including a math placement test.  At least I didn't place in college prep math?

January involved another round of interviews for a job (same as the December place). Starting classes (registration was entertaining) and within the first week of classes getting a job offer. It was a tough choice between chasing a degree I want and having money and a decent job.  I took the job.  After talking to the advisor (I couldn't enroll in any classes because, according to my admission, I had no prerequisites) I learned that I might be better off starting off in the program in Lincoln rather than starting here and transferring there later. About $20,000 better off.  It will also give me time to see if I can improve the math score on the GMAT.

So far the new job has been good. I've been there three whole weeks so far.  The roommates are good.  I will probably stay where I am at least until summer.  I'm trying to finish some knitting.  I have WAY to many pieces in progress at the moment.  Then my mother sends me a shawl (yarn and pattern) to knit for her.  I have started that.  I should also start, seriously, the sweater she sent home with me last winter.  I have everything ready to cast on, but I just haven't done it yet.  I am a slacker.

And how are things with you!?