Friday, November 12, 2010

Nov 12, 2010

Today's edition is the Lopi edition. Ah lopi, a hearty yarn that doesn't get nearly enough credit. I have made several lopi sweaters, some out of other yarns for the more delicate members ofmy family. I adore the sweaters I have made using lopi, in spite of (or maybe because of) how hairy they are. I find them warm, but not too warm. All of this yarn was purchase 75% off or is left over from a kit I bought a couple years ago. Isn't it annoying when you only just break into the last skein, use a few yards and are all done?


The only problem is deciding which sweater to make. I have enough yarn to make two of the patterns in my pattern collection. Today's choices are:

But there are at least three others that are always neck and neck in the running.

Maybe I should just put the main colors in a bag pattern numbers in another and do a random draw. Luckily, I have enough other things to work on that I don't have to decide today.

Also - mustn't forget. I finished this hat last night.

It's a gift for my mother. (well, she bought the yarn, I did the knitting) The pattern is Swirly Gig from Knitpicks. The yarn is Gloss, in fingering weight.

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