Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov 11, 2010

I love this sweater:

This is especially amazing when you know that I really dislike the color yellow. (except on kitchen walls - I have no idea why that is, it just is) But in this case there is just something visually appealing about the color combination. The pictures is from Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified. The chart is there and I have what I think is the proper yarn amounts.

The yarn is from Philosopher's Wool. It's their two-ply. The 'pattern' isn't in the book exactly, but in keeping with the Philosopher's Wool philosophy (Choose your colors yourself) I plan to 'follow' the pic and make my own version. I also plan to use Elizabeth Zimmermann's EPS system and make a more fitted/less baggy style. I will still knit it in three pieces and steek. I will also need to knit all three pieces in tandem in order to keep the band sequences similar, just in case I'm wrong about the amounts I need.

It's amazing to me how much less scary that thought is after you survive the first one.

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