Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new.

End of 2012 wrap up.

Since the last time I posted I have finished several more knitting projects that I have failed to record here.  (Bad blogger - no cookie)  Probably the best on was a Smitten Mitten advent thing for my nephew.  Reports back from my brother are that the gift was greatly enjoyed.  It's too bad they live so far away.  I would have liked to be there to see.  My brother sent pictures and reports the first few days, but they are busy people and didn't manage to keep it up the whole time.

Although I generally avoid the whole New Years Resolution thing I'm going to post a list of plans for the new year.  Not resolutions so much as goals.

* I'm doing very well on my second year of using stash.  I plan to continue this goal.  I really need to get my stash under control.

* I'm attempting to collect and finish the many, many unfinished objects or dispose of them if that is the appropriate action.

* I'm working on organizing all my 'stuff'.  If I can find things when I need them I won't acquire new ones.  While working on this project I discover that I have a rather alarming quantity of hand sewing needles.  I'm certain that I couldn't find the type I wanted so I purchased more.

* I'm working on getting all the miscellaneous patterns gathered into binders.  I've already been doing this but occasionally I get busy creating and things don't get put away properly afterwards.  I also need to throw away paper copies of things that I have in electronic form.

* I'd really like to be better about blogging regularly.  I'm much to easily distracted by the new shiny thing.

Before I moved to Nebraska I culled my library.  I still have more books than I have space for and another culling session is in order.  That is part of today's agenda.

I also have a new guitar.  I try to practice for 20 minutes twice a day.  Some days I'm successful.  I think if I can succeed four days a week I win.  I'm getting better, finally.  The first couple months were painful.  I'm liking it a lot and I'm rather pleased with my enabling friends who assisted me with this new thing.  I need more music to practice but I have a horrible time choosing things.  I like too many different kinds of music.

Happy New Year to all.