Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Thus far this week I have finished two pairs of socks. Which really amounts to knitting 3 socks. One pair has had second sock syndrome so long I don't remember when I knit the first one.

So without further ado: Schaeffer's #304 Spiral Socks. I love this yarn. But it takes forever to knit, so fine is it. This pattern is quite lovely and appears quite easy. But the combination of the fine yarn and the dark color made this a difficult knit. I am delighted they are finished and can't wait to wear them.

We also have - Kertzer Fair Isle socks. These were a nice knit once I figured out how to adjust the pattern so they would actually fit a real person. So will be on their way to their new owner sometime today.

There are two more pair of sock wips in my queue that are on target to be finished. Then I think I will be free to start new ones. How exciting!

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