Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Peril

The danger in letting things sit in your queue are many and varied. Last night the peril raised it's ugly head at me. I was busy knitting this which as been languishing in my queue for almost 18 months. And I had really planned to get it finished this weekend, it really was that close.

I had feared it would happen, since it appeared to be quite likely last week. But in the path of great knitters before me I tread on, with hope. But no - I have run out of one of the colors, in the last band I need it for.

I have contacted a few Ravelry knitters who also made this sweater in this color, perhaps one of them has a bit left over? I will hope. Otherwise? I will have to figure something out.

I also made these - as prizes in a knitting thing I'm doing. Sorry the pic sucks - I really need to take pictures in the day time. but I never want to wait.

I was reading about and easy light box, but I have no where to store such a thing so that isn't really an option. Maybe summer will come soon and there will be more day light (although that's unlikely to help at 11pm)

And since I was making those I also made these for my friend Terri who LOVES tea and especially Teavana.

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setembrina said...

I had no idea that you are acutally suppose to make the items you have in a que...or even favorites...LOL

You do like your funky colours or such a straight egg. :)