Sunday, July 08, 2012

A little bit of random

I have too much stuff.  Thinking the challenge would help me work down some of my fleece I join a group spinning during the Tour de France (called the Tour de Fleece) but I'm not feeling it.  I've managed to spin about 15 minutes all week.   The spinnings others are doing is lovely and inspirational and I'm enjoying that.  But I just can't seem to get into the grove of spinning.

I need a new purse.  I made one almost two years ago that has developed wear holes in the corners and one I bought last year on vacation that fell apart this weekend.  I'd like to use a pattern I already own but it's lost in the move and I haven't managed to find it yet.  I spent WAY too much time yesterday bumming around the internet looking for a different pattern but failed to find anything interesting enough to spend time or money on. I already have fabric I want to use and I FOUND that.  Just need the pattern.    I suppose that by the time I find the pattern I'll have misplaced the fabric.

I spent a couple hours messing about in the craft room yesterday.  I was looking for the purse pattern and generally trying to make it into useable space.  It's really become a dumping ground.  Actually managed to get  a few things sorted and the space is better, not quite usable yet, but better.  I still have piles of things (books and magazines mostly) that need to be gone through, and records that need to be shredded.

It's so easy when sorting things to get distracted by all the lovely yarn and projects.  Since 98% of my yarn is already destined from some project or other; I see it, remember what its for and think "oohh! I should start that, it will be so nice when done and fun to make!  I'm glad that nearly all the things I wanted to make when I bought the yarn are still things I want to make.  Yesterday I did that with at least 4 different sweaters 'kits'. I should put together some sort of random method of selecting the next sweater to work on.  But first I should finish the five I'm currently working.  (FIVE!?  I need to FOCUS.)

This morning I need to get excited about the new Tour de Sock pattern that will be release this morning. Thanks to this challenge I have already knit a sweaters worth (well, worsted weight yardage-wise) of yarn.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Completed socks!

I managed to finish both pairs of socks this week!

First the fourth pair of socks for Tour de Sock!


And the socks from Brave New Knits!

I plan to work on finishing some WIPS the rest of this month as well as the last two pairs of Tour de Sock socks.  Then I'm going to focus on preparing for Sock Sniper. Could this be the year of the sock!?

Sunday, July 01, 2012

I usually save this space for completed items, but not today.  Check out this cool sock I finished last night:


and these are almost done as well:


These were only supposed to have the cable on the front of the leg but that seemed silly to me so I also cabled the back and I've changed the heel to a short-row rather than gusset.