Monday, July 05, 2010

How did it get to be July already!?

Today is the last day of knitting camp. We had a great time. I'm all stuffed full of enthusiasm and ideas. If I get any of it done I'll be impressed but I'm so EXCITED.

I finally got brave and cast on the sleeves for my Elizabeth I (Amy said I was chicken - she's probably right). This took a great deal less time then last time I attempted to alter a sweater pattern. I was busy counting and fretting and Amy D made me show the class what I was working on. It's a bit nuts but I'm less worried about cutting steeks then I am about adjusting a pattern.

I'd put up some pictures but I'm not getting nice pictures this morning (stupid camera only does flash at one level (OVEREXPOSED!).

Finally Pictures -

Mother and I had a great time and plan to enter the lottery next year as well. I hope we apply to Camp 2 or one of the retreats. I will actually pack up some of my knitting and bring it next time. (meant to this time - but forgot - well forgot and I'm not that impressed with my knitting, I don't really think it's extra special) Maybe I will get the shetland shawl done (actually starting it would help that happen).

I was naughty and bought yarn. I'm going to design and make a Norwegian style sweater. I am unclear why that is less scary then changing the sleeves on Elizabeth I. I suppose in some way however it comes out is what I planned?

I also need (NEED - snicker) the Armenian Knitting book. I want to make the Lily jacket but put in a poppy instead of the lily.

Better get moving. Good bye Breakfast is shortly and I need to pack.