Thursday, June 07, 2012

New Stash Year

Last stash year was successful so I thought I'd try another 12 months.  Already finished these lovely socks.


They are the first pattern release for Tour de Sock 2012.  It took longer to knit these than it should have.  I was too busy being social.  But the yarn was some that I frogged from two years ago.  I'm not sure that I won't reknit those socks eventually, the pattern was nice.

There is also a link on this page for Sock Sniper, which happens this fall.  I am excited about that already too.  But I think one intensive activity at a time is enough, and I'm already doing two, plus life and work.

Saturday I think I will dye some yarn.  I need two colors for the second TdS pattern and I'm not sure what to use.  So I'll make something special - sounds like a great plan.

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