Saturday, January 30, 2010

A week - in progress

There has been quite a bit of knitting this week - and even some things finished. And all with stashed yarn!

I knit two pairs of 'learning' socks from New Pathways for Sock Knitters. Both were made with stash yarn left over from other projects. Worsted weight with size five (3.75mm) dpns.

First is Little Sky Sock:

Second is Coriolis:

I also knit this lacy little number: The yarn is Douceur et Soie, and green 0/6 glass beads. The pattern is Ice Queen. I sure find a lot of nice patterns on Knitty. I only wish the patterns were printer friendly. I can't knit off the computer screen since I use pencils, post-it notes and pens to keep my place and take notes. None of those are good with computer screen.

So far I'm doing really well on my knitting from stash resolution. I've made quite a bit of progress on the sweater for my dad. I'm still waiting to hear about additional yarn for the Box Sweet. But I will probably use yarn I have next week and finish it up. All the ends are woven in so all I have to do is knit two bands of color and sew it up.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Peril

The danger in letting things sit in your queue are many and varied. Last night the peril raised it's ugly head at me. I was busy knitting this which as been languishing in my queue for almost 18 months. And I had really planned to get it finished this weekend, it really was that close.

I had feared it would happen, since it appeared to be quite likely last week. But in the path of great knitters before me I tread on, with hope. But no - I have run out of one of the colors, in the last band I need it for.

I have contacted a few Ravelry knitters who also made this sweater in this color, perhaps one of them has a bit left over? I will hope. Otherwise? I will have to figure something out.

I also made these - as prizes in a knitting thing I'm doing. Sorry the pic sucks - I really need to take pictures in the day time. but I never want to wait.

I was reading about and easy light box, but I have no where to store such a thing so that isn't really an option. Maybe summer will come soon and there will be more day light (although that's unlikely to help at 11pm)

And since I was making those I also made these for my friend Terri who LOVES tea and especially Teavana.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Thus far this week I have finished two pairs of socks. Which really amounts to knitting 3 socks. One pair has had second sock syndrome so long I don't remember when I knit the first one.

So without further ado: Schaeffer's #304 Spiral Socks. I love this yarn. But it takes forever to knit, so fine is it. This pattern is quite lovely and appears quite easy. But the combination of the fine yarn and the dark color made this a difficult knit. I am delighted they are finished and can't wait to wear them.

We also have - Kertzer Fair Isle socks. These were a nice knit once I figured out how to adjust the pattern so they would actually fit a real person. So will be on their way to their new owner sometime today.

There are two more pair of sock wips in my queue that are on target to be finished. Then I think I will be free to start new ones. How exciting!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catch up!

Last week I used some stash to knit this. I think it's quite cute. The pattern is one I made up from a few others I found that I liked but they weren't quite right. The skull/crossbones is duplicate stitch designed the same way. The yarn is leftover from a prior project and is Brown Sheep.

I have challenged myself to knit a sock a day for the month of January. We will see how that goes. It could turn out to be more than I can manage. But here is the first installation. These socks have quite the story - to whit:

These socks might be cursed. We’ll see (I think the toe might be 1/4 short). My mother and I were buying stuff together from the Patternworks catalog. She liked the socks I liked the socks she bought the yarn I bought the book I’d make her socks. This was a LONG time ago.

I had time to make the socks. Found the yarn, but no pattern. I looked everywhere. We talked about ordering a new on from Patternworks next time we wanted enough stuff to order and went on. Months later I saw the pattern in a store, bought and went home to cast on the socks. Looked everywhere, couldn’t find the yarn. I did however find the other pattern.

Fast forward to last week. I knew where the pattern was, found the yarn and thought - Wouldn’t this make Mother happy? Tickled event?! So I cast on and knit and knit. I kept thinking ’ this seems small’. I checked my gauge, it’s right. But knitting stretches - right? Yeah not that much.

I know what size Mother likes her socks based on how big my foot is so I tried it on to see if I should start the toe. There is no way this sock will go on her foot. I did some simple math, stomped my feet. This sock was approx 8 inches around, in stranded work, which doesn't stretch so much. It looked smaller then it felt when I put it on. What adult medium leg/foot is 8 in? I did a small survey on Ravelry, couldn't find anyone this sock would fit. grumble grumble.

RIP! back to the cuff. I changed needle size, knit a pattern set tried it on. No go - RIP! I added a pattern set of stitches, went up a needle size and TADAH! This one will go on her foot and not cut off all circulation - SOCK FOR DA MAMA!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy new year

I spent all of yesterday sitting on my bed knitting. How decadent! (also baked bread and made dinner but we aren't talking about that - WE are talking about knitting!)

I made a hat. It's a very nice hat (made from STASH yarn!)
The pattern is from EZ, the yarn is anybody's guess.

It knit up in about an hour which is shamefully quick. Also when worn it looks like a soft serve ice cream.

I also made gloves to protect my delicate knitting tools. The yarn is mystery yarn from a swap package. It feels like silk/wool so I have decided, without further ado, that is what it is. It's the best shade of purple imaginable in real life. Rich and deep purple. The pattern for these is called Strata and includes instructions to made additional layers such as fingerless gloves and wrist warmers. Some where in the stash is some angora left over from a prior project. When I find it I will make the wrist warmers to go over these.

I have also been busy finishing up UFOs. I was pleasantly surprised at how few I had: 3 pairs of socks, 3 sweaters and a lace shawl. Considering the state of my piles last year this time I'm doing very well. I can't even remove as many UFOs from my stash this year as last. So I'll focus on getting these few out, and keeping it that way!