Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catch up!

Last week I used some stash to knit this. I think it's quite cute. The pattern is one I made up from a few others I found that I liked but they weren't quite right. The skull/crossbones is duplicate stitch designed the same way. The yarn is leftover from a prior project and is Brown Sheep.

I have challenged myself to knit a sock a day for the month of January. We will see how that goes. It could turn out to be more than I can manage. But here is the first installation. These socks have quite the story - to whit:

These socks might be cursed. We’ll see (I think the toe might be 1/4 short). My mother and I were buying stuff together from the Patternworks catalog. She liked the socks I liked the socks she bought the yarn I bought the book I’d make her socks. This was a LONG time ago.

I had time to make the socks. Found the yarn, but no pattern. I looked everywhere. We talked about ordering a new on from Patternworks next time we wanted enough stuff to order and went on. Months later I saw the pattern in a store, bought and went home to cast on the socks. Looked everywhere, couldn’t find the yarn. I did however find the other pattern.

Fast forward to last week. I knew where the pattern was, found the yarn and thought - Wouldn’t this make Mother happy? Tickled event?! So I cast on and knit and knit. I kept thinking ’ this seems small’. I checked my gauge, it’s right. But knitting stretches - right? Yeah not that much.

I know what size Mother likes her socks based on how big my foot is so I tried it on to see if I should start the toe. There is no way this sock will go on her foot. I did some simple math, stomped my feet. This sock was approx 8 inches around, in stranded work, which doesn't stretch so much. It looked smaller then it felt when I put it on. What adult medium leg/foot is 8 in? I did a small survey on Ravelry, couldn't find anyone this sock would fit. grumble grumble.

RIP! back to the cuff. I changed needle size, knit a pattern set tried it on. No go - RIP! I added a pattern set of stitches, went up a needle size and TADAH! This one will go on her foot and not cut off all circulation - SOCK FOR DA MAMA!

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Merouda said...

Love the bottle/drink cover. I've been thinking of making more bags (big surprise there!) for covering bottles of pop and tea and so forth.

And happy belated birthday. :-)