Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sock Quest Success

Here they are - the socks that won Sock Quest:

On Saturday I picked up this! (It was here on Friday but the PO didn't leave it. So I had to go and pick it up). It was VERY exciting.
Inside the box was all of these good things!
Patterns (two for socks and one for a shawl) and a great sock book
Spa tools for relaxing after all the 'hard' work of knitting the socks
Pink Jello (are we allowed to eat this? It looks delish - strawberry creme) and hot cocoa to sip while I write cute little cards.
And contemplate what to make with all this lovely yarn - the center is blue alpaca that came in the little pink bag with a shawl pattern. The blue cone is shetland (A WHOLE cone!) and the brown is also alpaca. So soft! The spools are wooly thread and the bag of skeins is cotton and bamboo. Great colors.
There were also these tools - knitting clips, a WIP tube and a baggage label. The pink cloth also came with it. It is beautiful and soft.
And even a nice cat toy! How ever did Sheri know?

A great prize. I feel bad that I only knit one pair of socks.

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Anonymous said...

What absolutely BEAUTIFUL socks these are! Well deserving of a win. (Mind you, the prizes are great too.)

These are the nicest - IMHO - of the socks you have knit so far for the 52 pairs.
What pattern did you use?
(If your momentum slows, can you switch to always making child's socks?)

Happy knitting,