Saturday, September 21, 2013

Something Completely Different

I have designed a scarf AND written a pattern.

It is for sale here 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Look - Socks!

This has been the year of socks at my house.  I hope it continues.  I have a LOT of sock yarn.

These are my completed socks so far:

Water Cycle Socks in Lana Grossa

Elegant Cable Socks in Regia Silk

My Cup of Tea in Sockatta

Sockdolager in Socks that Rock

Flying Dutchman in Gloss

Greenhouse socks in Stroll

Rushing Rivulet in Socks that Rock

Secret Fan in Gloss

Chicane in Stroll

Lebowski in Stroll

Garden Maze in Stroll

Little Deschutes in Stroll (I did complete two of them, but all those pictures are so dark the cables, which is the best part of this pattern, don't show)

There are three or four more pairs on the needles, so I do hope I manage to finish them this year, as well.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Visiting Knitting Camp

Today I have guests.  My mother and I went to knitting camp this year.  I am participating in a traveling socks group and the toes I had insisted in going along.  Here is their view of knitting camp.

They were very attentive in class.  Here they are listening to a lecture on jogless color work. 
They helped my out by interviewing potential yarn for a new sweater.  They really put this Icelandic Unspun through the wringer. It will surely become a great sweater. 

 After they finished interviewing the unspun they celebrated the selection.  

 They visited the Shetland Islands.  An entire table of balls shetland wool!  At least one ball of every color in this line.  I'm not sure who was more in awe, me or the sock toes.
 This is what the toes hope to become when they grow up.  They admired all the amazing socks on display. 
 They saw some lovely baby sweaters.  These are Baby Surprise Jackets, which are not only fun to knit but amazing feats of construction and design.

They also admired this lovely color work.  There were also some cool hats, coats, jackets and a lot of very enthusiastic knitters sharing their amazing projects and love of knitting.

This is my third trip and I always come back with new ideas.  I have been busy finishing projects and getting busy attempting the new ideas I have to fix patterns and sweaters that just didn't fit like I wanted them to, all thanks to Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp and all the enthusiasm and 'Yes, You Can!' support from all the teachers and fellow knitters.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Socks - 2013.1

I may have mentioned that I love knitting socks.  I have two drawers full of hand knit socks at the moment and I have finally walked holes in the heels of one of the first pair I ever made.  I'm trying to decide if I should darn them or if 11 years of wear is sufficient.

This is the first pair I finished this year: yarma

I received this pattern and yarn as part of a sock kit of the month.  The yarn is Regia Silk.  The pattern is by Nancy Walsh.  It's a nice yarn.  The socks are lovely.  

Monday, July 01, 2013

Checking in after checking out

I spent the last weekend sorting my stash.  I have seen many moths in my apartment so I felt a wool check was in order.  So far I have found no infestation or damage.  It has been good to go through it all and see it.  It reminds me that I already have lots of great projects waiting to be knit.  I need to knit faster.

After two years spent knitting down stash I'm not able to find any noticeable reduction.  However, I am much better at looking through stash for projects or yarn for projects.  I'm not longer tracking the amounts in and out.  I may go back to that at some point, but I'm now more than 10,000 yards more out than in.  Still too much yarn to add to Ravelry stash.

I have decided to attempt the Tour de Fleece challenge.  I have enough fleece and spinning everyday would be good for skill development.


I have been quite busy knitting socks this year.  I have finished 9 pair and I have also finished a sock on several other pair.  I'm working on a list of socks to start when I finish another pair. So many nice patterns!  I already have two drawers full of handmade socks.  I'm not sure I need more, but I love them so.

Last week I finished another shawl.  This one was a pi shawl.  I hope to get it washed and blocked this week.  I am very pleased with how it came out.  I used a Russian Join as I added new skeins so there is only one end to weave at the beginning and one at the end.

I am also busy sewing project bags.  In addition to yarn inspection, I found all the bag fabric in my stash so that I can make even more bags.  Having all my projects in bags would be nice, and I hope that  by having all the bits together I won't lose necessary bits for finishing a project.  I'm going to put them up for sale on Etsy as well, and selling them all so that I have to make more in order to have one for me wouldn't break my heart.

Mother and I are going to Knitting Camp again this year.  I'm looking forward to that.  Hopefully this time there will be pictures.  I'm very bad at remembering to take pictures.