Sunday, December 18, 2011

I think my New Year Resolution is:


I have cast on another sweater - Dogwood Blossom. My mother very kindly bought me the kit from Knitpicks last year as a birthday gift. It's a lovely green and pink colorway. I have one cuff done the second cast on. Then I will knit both sleeves at the same time. I am hoping that isn't crazy-making.

I have used a full ball of the main color in Klukka and I've almost used a whole ball of Gloss in Thermal. Great progress on both.

I was going to start Faery Ring, but I'm thinking about working up another pattern. It will be a great challenge since the pattern is very general with charts and for a size much larger than I need. (sorry Mom - but I'm still going to make a cable coat - does that make it okay?!) Or maybe not - maybe I'll just make Faery Ring.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Small Catch Up

October knitting that didn't get posted due to moving:

Socks for the Tour de Sock
Another pair of Tour de Socks socks
There is a third pair but I'm having trouble loading the picture.

And this mystery shawl from Goddess knits. I haven't washed and blocked this yet, just pinned it out for the picture. Then packed it away for moving. Once I get settled and find it I will have to do a proper blocking and get some better pictures.

Finally Back to What Passes for Normal

I have the knitting lust again! I feel the need to knit all the patterns!

Thursday I have cast on a dress in Cascade 220. A dark green and white without the colorwork section. I have the white part nearly finished and I am ready to add the green.

Yesterday I cast on Thermal. A lovely dark blue shade of Gloss. I love this yarn. I made my mother a hat and a shawlette with it last winter. I have been wanting to make this sweater for a long time.

And I've made decent progress on Stockholm for my mother as well as finishing the matching hat.

It's much too dreary for pictures today and I don't have any decent lighting in the new place yet. But I hope to get some decants pictures soon.

I bought a lovely skein of lace weight last week, finished the sweater for my brother and sent it to my mother so she could put the zipper in and in October I knit 3 pairs of socks and a shawl. This only matters because I am finally in the knit more yarn that I bought for the year. Good news!

Monday, December 05, 2011


October flew by in a flurry of packing. November flew by in a flurry of near disaster in moving. It seemed like every plan required a fall back to Plan F. I'm finally in, settled, mostly unpacked and ready to start thinking about knitting.

I've found the yarn for Thermal and, although, I have to borrow a ball winder (still haven't found the packed one!) I'm going to make it my December project.

The new job is okay. Today I felt like a complete moron, but I'm sure once I learn my way around it will be okay. In fact some times I've even understood what they were talking about.

This weekend I plan to write a decent update with pictures of actual knitting. There was some knitting in October that needs to be caught up and I made a hat during the last two weeks (the only knitting that really happened in November was the garter stitch band of the hat and that took almost 10 days. I'm not sure why it took two weeks to finish the hat, the pattern while nice, is not that difficult. But I just couldn't seem to make progress. I finally get to weave ends in this evening.

I'm looking forward to a peaceful year end and a wonderful 2012.