Sunday, December 18, 2011

I think my New Year Resolution is:


I have cast on another sweater - Dogwood Blossom. My mother very kindly bought me the kit from Knitpicks last year as a birthday gift. It's a lovely green and pink colorway. I have one cuff done the second cast on. Then I will knit both sleeves at the same time. I am hoping that isn't crazy-making.

I have used a full ball of the main color in Klukka and I've almost used a whole ball of Gloss in Thermal. Great progress on both.

I was going to start Faery Ring, but I'm thinking about working up another pattern. It will be a great challenge since the pattern is very general with charts and for a size much larger than I need. (sorry Mom - but I'm still going to make a cable coat - does that make it okay?!) Or maybe not - maybe I'll just make Faery Ring.

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