Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Knitting, soon with pictures

I had a good weekend knitting wise. I finished a sweater for a friend. It was self designed, mostly as I went, top down with a lace yoke. It turned out really nicely. I'd consider writing up the pattern, except I don't want to do all the math to get it multi-sized. Now the LYS I'm trying to teach at wants me to consider doing it as a class.

I am still doing Sock Madness. I have finished the first knee-high and started the second, but I have not spent much time on it the last few days. The pattern is great, if imperfect. I'm watching several knitters have the same complaints I had last year (patterns aren't always well proofread and occasionally there errors). Last year I removed myself from the competition over my reaction. I'm doing much better this year at remembering the designers are often producing their first written pattern, sometimes their first complicated pattern/design, and there are only a very few test knitters. PLUS its all volunteer and unpaid/free.

I made some more 'use up yarn' kitchen washing items. These ones use up acrylic yarn. (sorry for the Ravelry link - for all those not on Ravelry - I haven't seen this pattern off Ravelry.)

I also made 1/2 of a pair for the sock class I'm hoping to teach in May. This is just a plain sock pattern, perfect for a new sock maker. So far no students are signed up. I'm willing to wait until Friday to make a decision. But I'm a little disappointed.

I also put a few of my knitting project bags on Etsy. Go - buy them. These are small (pair of socks project size). If they don't sell I will put my sock projects in them and throw away the ziplock bags they are in now.

My next project will be to dye some yarn. I have two skeins that will be for Tempest and the rest will be up for grabs on Etsy. I'd like to do that tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

First Quarter Ends with Knitting

Finished quite a bit of knitting in March. Sock Madness is in full swing and we've already finished two pairs. I can't wait for the third.

The first round was Sideways Socks (don't know what I'm doing with these, they won't fit me) -

Second pattern was Cool Beans socks. These are for a friend but I may make another pair for myself - but with a few design changes (hourglass heel and plain toe) -

and Cable Vent Cardigan for me. I even found buttons!

It just needs washing and blocking and it's all ready to wear. Now I just need some place to wear it.

I'm hoping to find a yarn store or two that will let me teach. I'm also making some knitting bags to sell at Etsy. I'll post pics when they are available. Still tinkering with the pattern.