Saturday, December 11, 2010


It's stormy today, wind is blowing, snow is falling and I'm stuck at home watching bad TV. This is a picture of the daughter's second floor bedroom window.

(no the snow isn't up to the second floor but it's piled high on the stoop). It is about waist deep at the front door. Should be fun to try getting out later.

Being stuck inside means - KNITTING!

I am making a Christmas stocking for my nephew.

I also made him a little hat to keep his head warm. It might be overkill since he lives in California. But it's CUTE and alpaca so it's soft.

There is also this shawl which is a mystery shawl from Ravelry. I'm into part 3, but just barely. Part 4 was released last week. Sigh. I never can keep up with these things.

I am also making progress on Jeanne. The back and both sleeves are done. The front is 1/4 completed.

Wicked little vest is coming along quite well. I'm almost half finished with the back arm holes. It's a pretty quick knit, not difficult and mildly entertaining.

At some point today there will be cookie making. The gingerbread is all mixed up and waiting in the fridge. As soon as ambition strikes (and daughter is mobile) there will be delicious smells filling the house! I think I'll go hurry the daughter along.