Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy new year

I spent all of yesterday sitting on my bed knitting. How decadent! (also baked bread and made dinner but we aren't talking about that - WE are talking about knitting!)

I made a hat. It's a very nice hat (made from STASH yarn!)
The pattern is from EZ, the yarn is anybody's guess.

It knit up in about an hour which is shamefully quick. Also when worn it looks like a soft serve ice cream.

I also made gloves to protect my delicate knitting tools. The yarn is mystery yarn from a swap package. It feels like silk/wool so I have decided, without further ado, that is what it is. It's the best shade of purple imaginable in real life. Rich and deep purple. The pattern for these is called Strata and includes instructions to made additional layers such as fingerless gloves and wrist warmers. Some where in the stash is some angora left over from a prior project. When I find it I will make the wrist warmers to go over these.

I have also been busy finishing up UFOs. I was pleasantly surprised at how few I had: 3 pairs of socks, 3 sweaters and a lace shawl. Considering the state of my piles last year this time I'm doing very well. I can't even remove as many UFOs from my stash this year as last. So I'll focus on getting these few out, and keeping it that way!

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bhuidhe said...

Are you going to 12th Night in Nordskogen? If so will you have any room for your loom? I would love to get it back to you someday :D