Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Holy Bananas!

September was going along all quiet and smooth, like September wants to do and then BOOOM! It all blew up.

I was offered a new job. In Omaha NE. I am lucky. I'm getting lots of time to pack and move. I have friends there who are willing to help with logistics and it's really exciting. It's also very over whelming and a little bit frightening.

I am not getting much knitting done. I'm fighting the inertia from being slightly overwhelmed by all the stuff I need to do. Plus a lot of what I need to do involves emptying boxes and repacking them and decided if I REALLY need to keep that widget or not.

I don't expect there to be a lot going on here until I get settled in my new digs, sometime around Thanksgiving.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Prepare for fall

I have cast on three new projects this week. I cast on a DNA Scarf for my friend Jeff. Jeff's wife is allergic to wool (the horror!) so I am using acrylic (ick). Impeccable from Loops and Threads isn't actually bad, even if it isn't wool.

I also cast on Cambridge Jacket for my brother. This is going to be a boring knit. Thus the bonus of knitting the scarf. One boring pattern with lovely yarn and one interesting pattern with crappy yarn. No picture of this project to link to but the pattern is from Interweave Knits.

AND I also cast on another (!!!!!) pair of socks. These are from a kit for breast cancer research fundraising from Knitter's Brewing company. This yarn is marvelous. I really needed to find another source for beautiful yarn.

There isn't enough progress on any of them for a decent picture, but later this week there should be. Stay tuned.

I tried to make a pair of slippers (it is going to start getting cold again, soon - very, very soon). I made 4 different slippers, none of which turned out (this on top of my new shoe search was REALLY frustrating). So I still have no new slippers. I was hoping to use up a bunch of the acrylic my father bought me at a garage sale (or auction, can't remember which). That way I could make many pairs and just throw them in the washer/dryer when ever I felt they were dirty. I love my nice wool ones by they need special care so they don't felt down too small and waiting for them to dry on cold days is slightly annoying. I will be continuing in my efforts to find a nice slipper pattern.

My mother and I are preparing for a knitting retreat with Annie Modesitt. We are both very excited. A nice mother/daughter weekend spent knitting at a lovely lakeside resort, sounds awesome doesn't it? I'm sad it's only a few days.

We are also going to start a KAL making a lovely cabled sweater/coat. I have 40 skeins of yarn sitting in my living room waiting for us to divvy up and start knitting. I can't wait. I hope we like them. The yarn is beautiful.

I signed up for another mystery shawl. The first clue is due to be released September 24. I'm going to put off starting until October 1. I'm 1 for 2 in starting and finishing. I'm hope to be 2 for 3 after this one. Maybe then I will also get busy and finish the first one. I'm nearly half finished with the 4th clue of 5. I love the shawl, but the pattern requires constant vigilance and I've been too easily distracted lately. After tinkling back two rows for a missed yarn over I'm unwilling to work on it if I feel flighty.

I really need to get all the things started this month done before Oct 1. (which is also part of why the shawl will wait) if only to keep the queue under control. I was down to 6 active WIPs just a few short days ago. And now I'm creeping up into double digits again.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

September, already?

September snuck up on me.

I had planned to finish this cardigan in August, but I ran out of August. It took me almost a week to find buttons I liked. fussy fussy. Now the weather can get cooler, I'm all set.

I also managed to get one of these socks completely done. Words and All! One more to go. It is knit past the heel turn, but none of the duplicate stitch has been done. It will take a while.

I wish I had something pithy to say, but I'm in dire need of a nap.