Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sock Madness 2 - Round 1

I have survived. And I don't have to try to find free wireless in Eau Claire!

The flash certainly washed out the socks! The color is much closer to a nasty bruise that it appears in this picture.

The pattern is called Zombie Socks. The yarn it Trekking (XXL), knitted on size 2.25mm Options double points. They are a size 7 and will be sent to my mother. I hope she likes them. There is a certain pink in them that reminds me of the color her healing bruises turn. Mom and I both bruise pretty easy: hers turn a lovely shade of fuchsia, mine turn a nasty shade of yellow green.

And with that tidbit of useless and obscure information (not to mention bizarre) I'm going to go and get ready for the trip to the yarn store and photo op.


Guinifer said...

I have about fifty rows left on my second sock - and a VERY busy day - wish me luck!

Liz said...

You is crazy!