Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Most of today went pretty well. My wiper arm didn't work this morning, but I was pretty sure I knew what was wrong and how to fix it. So no worries.

I came home and couldn't manage it, called the spouse yadda yadda.

I packed up my stuff and headed off to my meeting. F*ing hood won't stay latched. I pulled off the highway at the first exit, and spent 15 minutes trying to get the hood to stay shut - no success. Headed down the back roads home. Found a cute little yarn/bead store. Setembrina swore me to secrecy (I was pretty mad, because when I called the spouse, rather upset about the hood thing, he hung up! so I called for sympathy)

I wondered by way home, slowly. Came in and started getting ready for work in the morning, no work vehicle keys in sight. I looked everywhere. Emptied purses, briefcases, pockets, etc. No success. Start to panic, decide to call spouse to see if he has them since he put washer fluid in it last night.

Call store, phone is busy. Call spouse cell, phone is busy. Call mom, phone is busy. Call my cell, phone is busy. WTF! Gather all phones, put them on jacks. Call spouse cell, with cell, have him call house, phone is busy. Great.

Lock doors, go to room, sit in chair, wait for chair to collapse. At least the internet works. I'm not certain I could have taken it if that had been out as well.

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Valkryie Knit This said...

OH no! I think you had the same bad day i did on Wed. I called it a "4 strawberry margurita day"

Because that's the only thing that will make it better.