Wednesday, August 05, 2015

And I was doing so well

But then, well, life happened, as it is want to do.

Work got weird (weirder, really) and then my position was eliminated.  So I've been stuck at home looking for work for the last two-ish weeks.  I'm doing everything I can to keep from getting bored.

I've finished a couple quilt tops. Put one on the quilting frame. I started a couple more quilts with fabric that's been aging for several decades. I unknit some yarn that my father bought me at a sale and repurposed it to a new sweater (which might become an actual pattern).  I sewed some undies.  I made some nice tool carriers.  (Craftsy might be the devil) And I even cleaned my apartment, including the bathrooms and put most of my stuff out of boxes (from the moving) and away.

Today there was some more sewing insanity and I baked bread.

I am working on the quilt for my mother (Christmas present from her children) and I decided I should do something with all the odd bits.  I thought this postage stamp block was a good idea:

I will see how many of these little 4"x4" blocks I can finish before I'm out of fabric or patience.