Monday, July 31, 2006

Still remodeling

It seems that the weeks are getting sucked up and little is getting done. The drywall will be inspected today and then the taping will begin. This means I did not get to do any tilework this weekend. How am I suppose to get things done if I'm still waiting for the workers to finish up?

I finished knitting the Rogue this weekend. I reknit the hood three times, I'm still not happy with it. I am on the foot of the 2 socks on 2 circs. It actually seems to be going well. I managed the heels but I'm not sure they were done right (or the most efficient way) but they appear to have turned properly, which is more imporant. I hope to have them finished this week. I am going to start working seriously on my AS Mary Tudor again. I think that it is the closest to being done, except for the cardigans that I have cut and waiting for bands. They will not get done until I have my sewing machine back up since I need to v the neck on one of them. (sorry, Mom)

Of course since the knitting of the Rogue is done it went into the house. One less thing in the RV.

Tomorrow I'm taking Liz to Borealis for some help with a pattern. I will take the AS to work on. Perhaps this will keep me from purchaseing any additional yarn. (hahahahahaha)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Time - where did it go?

Boy when I said July would fly I wasn't kidding - was I?!

I can't believe it's almost over. I have so much stuff I need to finish yet. It will be a busy weekend.

It is really hard to finish all this stuff when I don't have my house. A great deal of my 'free' time has been spent hanging insulation, cleaning up the mess and shopping for stuff for the house. I have never spent so many two hour blocks making a quick 20 minute stop at Menards.

The 2 socks on one Circ project has not gone well. 32" is not enough 60" is WAY too much. I'm not really sure I want to waste more knitting money on needles in order to try out 38" or 45". I might just stick with two socks on two circs. I have about three inches of sock done. Between all the starting over and dropped stitches.

Then I saw where someone who was at Knitting Camp was knitting four socks at a time. YIKES!

I have packages that I simply must get in the mail Monday!

All else is going along at a screaming pace. I think I will be exhausted by December. If I don't crash before that.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel

Dry wall goes up this week, starting tomorrow! The final window and front door go in tomorrow. The electrician is wiring the new circuit box today. I will start putting down the floor as soon as the drywallers are done!

I have completely reknit my rogue sweater - I found a mistake in it and took it all apart and started over. I have the body, the sleeves and half the hood done. I think I'm going to keep working on it and finish the knitting.

Otherwise life is good.

I purchased a set of the new Knit Picks options needles. My initial impression is good.

I knitted the rogue sleeves on them. The tip unscrewed while I was casting on but once I tighted it with the little 'key' thing I had no further trouble at all. The joins seem quite smooth and didn't catch this yarn - but it is a good smooth spun yarn.

I will have to see how the set works out with my knitting style but I like the idea that I can purchase just the tips or cables I 'need'. This was a major drawback to the other sets I've seen. What if you lose a tip or need to replace a cable? Since Knit Picks has fixed that particular issue for me I took the leap and I think I'm going to like it.

I want to buy a couple more of the pockets - more for my personal organizational style than anything else. I plan to put all my cable needles in the 'book'.

I do have to admit that being able to purchase the cable and tips for $8 rather than $15 is also a BIG plus. I always seem to need another size x. I would think by this time I'd have enough but I needed another size 6 just the other day. It isn't as though I will have trouble getting the free shipping if I need to buy some. I have no trouble spending $40 at the yarn store any other time.

I do wish that the smaller sizes (1-3), which are only available in the 'classic' style, came with longer cables. It is too hard to knit two socks on one cable with only a 32" cable.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I need a break

I am getting rather burned out by life. I could really use a nice vacation. I'll be getting one in three weeks. I hope that things start going properly so that I 1) don't feel guilty about going 2) can go and 3) enjoy myself.

More remodeling problems. The heating guy is all straight but the plumber is STILL looking for an attitude adjustment. At least I'm living in the lap of luxury in my friends' RV. The commute is better; the living quarters, while not palatial are quite nice and I'm spending driving time knitting or working on the house.

I have written outlines and such for my first class. I'm calling it The Art & Science of Gauge Swatching. I save a lot of my swatches (there was a time when I wanted to make project books and the swatches would fit nicely in them. ) I can still go ahead and make the swatch books and use them for the class. I need to make a few of swatches with the same yarns and different needles and stitches too. I wonder if anyone would think it was a good class idea and take it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Good Grief

I spent two hours getting a flat tire fixed yesterday. Blah.

I spent the prior hour at the yarn store picking up a couple things. I decided to try two socks on one circular. The one I bought isn't long enough and I don't have another one the same size so I can't do two socks on two circs either. I will probably stop by some yarn store and pick up another pair (or two) on the way home tonight.

Borealis Yarns in St. Paul is my new favorite store. Abby, the owner, helped me change my tire. They also wound three 100 gram balls of yarn into two 50ish grams of yarn for the two socks experiment. Talk about above and beyond!

I bought some new stuff to send to my secret pal. I hope she likes it.

I am probably going to get the box together tonight. There are still a couple of things I am looking for but I'm not going to look too much longer - I have another month to send a package and perhaps I can find them by then.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back into Rotation

Last night I broke out the Mary Tudor and worked on it for several hours. I only had to rip out two rows. I still think it is a little rippley from not stranding loosely enough. But I'm hoping that I will get better as I go and that the wooly board will help ease some of that away.

My mother wants me to come and get Liz, which is fine - except that I still don't have a place for her to live. These people need to get moving on their work. I guess a new boss type plumber person came to the house yesterday and actually moved on the project. Too bad he didn't show up last week.

I am astonished how these people think we can just be out of that house until everything is all done. 'Oh we'll hook up water when we come to finish' I hate to say this to you - but WE CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG FOR WATER AND A WORKING TOILET. We need one working bathroom and water - NEXT WEEK!!!!!! How hard is that to understand. I can live in the basement and do work but I still have to have water and a bathroom. People want me to bath and I am probably not allowed to use the back yard for human waste disposal.

It's a good thing I have my knitting or I'd be a complete serial killer by now.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend in review

I'm now on the front of the modular sweater. yay!?

I knitted a couple inches on the front of the baby sweater and two booties (that just need to be sewn together).

I now have 80+ stitches on the center portion of the shawl. I'm more than halfway to the center, where I get to begin decreasing back to one.

Saturday we purchased toilets for three bathrooms and lights for the dining room. We are still talking about vanities and won't choose sinks until vanities are chosen.

Mike has decided to hire out the drywall. It's money I'd rather spend on other stuff.

I need to find a pattern for a gansey. I suppose I could design my own I have the skills and the materials. I could design it while I finish the plethora of other stuff that is nearly completed.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

July - she will fly

The fourth was fun. I lazed around the house and then went to a BBQ of sorts with friends.

I am still on the middle garter stitch portion of the 2-Ply Grey Shawl. I knit at least four rows on it every night since I started it last week Thursday. It is knit on the diagonal (I only had to cast on one stitch!) with one stitch added at the beginning of each row until there are 162. I have approx 65 stitches at this point. I'd post pictures - but you know the drill on that. The yarn is various shades of blue and grey. It looks very nice.

I am have completed half of the back of a modular sweater from Modular knits. I'm very pleased with my yarn/color choices. It will be a nice sweater for work. I have completed about 1/4 of the swatches for the YCA knitting teachers class. I have completed all the reading, writing and teaching that was required for the first level. I hate knitting swatches. Every little imperfection is magnafied.

This is why I'm still working on swatches for TKGA Master Knitter's course after several years. I have never completed a single set of them that I was happy with. I have knit all the swatches in: acrylic, cotton and several brands of wool. Although I have started another set with some Cascade 220 that are sort of okay. Some of the swatches MUST be knit with the same needles and yarn so I might go and buy another skien of the Cascade and knit that set up. My personal imposed deadline for both of these is July. Whether I'm happy with the swatches or not - at least I can send them in and have the judges look at them - I might just be over critical. At least that is what one of the people in my knitting group says.