Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel

Dry wall goes up this week, starting tomorrow! The final window and front door go in tomorrow. The electrician is wiring the new circuit box today. I will start putting down the floor as soon as the drywallers are done!

I have completely reknit my rogue sweater - I found a mistake in it and took it all apart and started over. I have the body, the sleeves and half the hood done. I think I'm going to keep working on it and finish the knitting.

Otherwise life is good.

I purchased a set of the new Knit Picks options needles. My initial impression is good.

I knitted the rogue sleeves on them. The tip unscrewed while I was casting on but once I tighted it with the little 'key' thing I had no further trouble at all. The joins seem quite smooth and didn't catch this yarn - but it is a good smooth spun yarn.

I will have to see how the set works out with my knitting style but I like the idea that I can purchase just the tips or cables I 'need'. This was a major drawback to the other sets I've seen. What if you lose a tip or need to replace a cable? Since Knit Picks has fixed that particular issue for me I took the leap and I think I'm going to like it.

I want to buy a couple more of the pockets - more for my personal organizational style than anything else. I plan to put all my cable needles in the 'book'.

I do have to admit that being able to purchase the cable and tips for $8 rather than $15 is also a BIG plus. I always seem to need another size x. I would think by this time I'd have enough but I needed another size 6 just the other day. It isn't as though I will have trouble getting the free shipping if I need to buy some. I have no trouble spending $40 at the yarn store any other time.

I do wish that the smaller sizes (1-3), which are only available in the 'classic' style, came with longer cables. It is too hard to knit two socks on one cable with only a 32" cable.

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