Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I need a break

I am getting rather burned out by life. I could really use a nice vacation. I'll be getting one in three weeks. I hope that things start going properly so that I 1) don't feel guilty about going 2) can go and 3) enjoy myself.

More remodeling problems. The heating guy is all straight but the plumber is STILL looking for an attitude adjustment. At least I'm living in the lap of luxury in my friends' RV. The commute is better; the living quarters, while not palatial are quite nice and I'm spending driving time knitting or working on the house.

I have written outlines and such for my first class. I'm calling it The Art & Science of Gauge Swatching. I save a lot of my swatches (there was a time when I wanted to make project books and the swatches would fit nicely in them. ) I can still go ahead and make the swatch books and use them for the class. I need to make a few of swatches with the same yarns and different needles and stitches too. I wonder if anyone would think it was a good class idea and take it.

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Valkryie Knit this said...

Me! ME! Over here!!

Me! I would!!