Thursday, July 06, 2006

July - she will fly

The fourth was fun. I lazed around the house and then went to a BBQ of sorts with friends.

I am still on the middle garter stitch portion of the 2-Ply Grey Shawl. I knit at least four rows on it every night since I started it last week Thursday. It is knit on the diagonal (I only had to cast on one stitch!) with one stitch added at the beginning of each row until there are 162. I have approx 65 stitches at this point. I'd post pictures - but you know the drill on that. The yarn is various shades of blue and grey. It looks very nice.

I am have completed half of the back of a modular sweater from Modular knits. I'm very pleased with my yarn/color choices. It will be a nice sweater for work. I have completed about 1/4 of the swatches for the YCA knitting teachers class. I have completed all the reading, writing and teaching that was required for the first level. I hate knitting swatches. Every little imperfection is magnafied.

This is why I'm still working on swatches for TKGA Master Knitter's course after several years. I have never completed a single set of them that I was happy with. I have knit all the swatches in: acrylic, cotton and several brands of wool. Although I have started another set with some Cascade 220 that are sort of okay. Some of the swatches MUST be knit with the same needles and yarn so I might go and buy another skien of the Cascade and knit that set up. My personal imposed deadline for both of these is July. Whether I'm happy with the swatches or not - at least I can send them in and have the judges look at them - I might just be over critical. At least that is what one of the people in my knitting group says.

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