Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Look - A red and white cardigan! It's blocked, but has no buttons.

I don't know what kind of buttons I'm going to put on it. There are so many options.

I have the whole summer to decide (and longer since I'll wear it without until I find the perfect buttons.

Here is a hat! It's green and silver, for my friend Sam.

I'm making a scarf as well. I'll have to start that soon. It will be a nice portable project.

The yarn is Brown Sheep worsted. Pine and Grey Heather. The pattern is from Charmed Knits.

Here is the beginning of a blue cardigan for my spouse. He best like it.

The yarn is from KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Sapphire Heather.

I also took pictures of the Shapely Tank, but the color is all wrong. It looked quite blue but it is really purple. I'll try again in the daylight and see if I can get a more accurate color.


Valkryie Knit This said...

yeaH! Pictures!

wendy said...

The cardi is beautiful - love the pattern where is it from?

Knit-Knot said...

The pattern is from Poetry in Stitches by Solveig Hisdal