Monday, July 25, 2011

How is it possible?

July can't be a week from over! It seems summer has only just begun.

I have finished my Corset Tank. Annie Modesitt writes lovely patterns - but this is a lot (LOT) of buttons.


Also a little crochet. I like coasters - this is a nice pattern. Pretty and functional. And I have lots of left over bits of cotton yarn.

I've also started a new cardigan and I have developed a new decorating scheme. I've placed storage bins of yarn on the top of the living room book cases. It gives me quite a bit more room in the sewing room (which is much too packed) and allows me to admire the stash I worked so hard to acquire. Sort of like standing and looking at the shelves full of sweaters I've knit. I feast for the eyes and pleasure for the heart.

I'm making excellent progress on my Bohus. I have only a few inches of the lower body left. Fingering weight yarn makes a few inches take a lot of time but the sweater will be glorious to wear.


Sara said...

I have admired the corset top forever but I fear the buttons!

Knit-Knot said...

Some people on Ravelry have made it without the buttons. I am probably going to sew the fronts together to keep it from developing gap-o-sys.