Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend in review

I'm now on the front of the modular sweater. yay!?

I knitted a couple inches on the front of the baby sweater and two booties (that just need to be sewn together).

I now have 80+ stitches on the center portion of the shawl. I'm more than halfway to the center, where I get to begin decreasing back to one.

Saturday we purchased toilets for three bathrooms and lights for the dining room. We are still talking about vanities and won't choose sinks until vanities are chosen.

Mike has decided to hire out the drywall. It's money I'd rather spend on other stuff.

I need to find a pattern for a gansey. I suppose I could design my own I have the skills and the materials. I could design it while I finish the plethora of other stuff that is nearly completed.


Generys said...

Are you hiring out the taping, too? If not, that's Christine Hoyt's first suggestion. To quote her, "hanging drywall is easy. Getting a good tape job is much harder."

Knit-Knot said...

The whole 9 yards.

It is the hanging that he is worried about. We could do the taping.

Mike is a good taper and can usually get it in two (first coat, limited sanding, second coat). He really is good - even if he doesn't believe it.