Sunday, March 16, 2008


Yesterday, after staying up until the wee hours knitting and then getting up in the early hours before dawn so that I could finish my Sock Madness socks. I was tired, and wired. We had a big day planned! So I quickly posted my socks, took a shower and finished altering the Sheepy Sweater. Setembrina arrived in the midst of this insanity, Giovanna arrived about 10 minutes later. We jumped into my little blue car and away we went. I drove the morning shift while I was still wide awake on adrenaline, Giovanna added some finishing touches, weaved in a few remaining ends and trimmed a few others. Between the two of us the Sheepy sweater ended up looking like this
We arrived at The Yellow Dog yarn store after a quick detour for coffee. We let them know we were there, filled out some forms and petted a lot of yarn. We brow-beat Setembrina into getting her photo taken as well. It's probably okay that I knit more than a couple rows, since Setembrina didn't. I apparently can't hold needles without knitting.

Franklin was very nice. He enjoyed our impromptu homage to Dolores. (I have to admit that while I was entertained by the idea when I brought it up at knit night but without the prompting of Giovanna I would never have gone through with it). He let us get a picture taken with him (which you can see at Giovanna's Blog) Why I never think to take my camera places I will never understand.

We all purchased a little something, I grabbed up a beautiful skein of copper colored silk for something a little lacy (I have all the skill honing to do). It was the last one and very funny, the shop owner and one of the employees had been talking about snatching it up and a couple of the other customers asked if there was more.

We met Giovanna's parents for lunch (it was quite tasty). We went and had great home made ice cream and headed home. And by this time I had begun to go downhill. Setembrina drove and I slept.

It was a great day, immense fun was had by all.

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Sarah said...

You need to go look at Franklin's blog!!!!