Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Knitting, soon with pictures

I had a good weekend knitting wise. I finished a sweater for a friend. It was self designed, mostly as I went, top down with a lace yoke. It turned out really nicely. I'd consider writing up the pattern, except I don't want to do all the math to get it multi-sized. Now the LYS I'm trying to teach at wants me to consider doing it as a class.

I am still doing Sock Madness. I have finished the first knee-high and started the second, but I have not spent much time on it the last few days. The pattern is great, if imperfect. I'm watching several knitters have the same complaints I had last year (patterns aren't always well proofread and occasionally there errors). Last year I removed myself from the competition over my reaction. I'm doing much better this year at remembering the designers are often producing their first written pattern, sometimes their first complicated pattern/design, and there are only a very few test knitters. PLUS its all volunteer and unpaid/free.

I made some more 'use up yarn' kitchen washing items. These ones use up acrylic yarn. (sorry for the Ravelry link - for all those not on Ravelry - I haven't seen this pattern off Ravelry.)

I also made 1/2 of a pair for the sock class I'm hoping to teach in May. This is just a plain sock pattern, perfect for a new sock maker. So far no students are signed up. I'm willing to wait until Friday to make a decision. But I'm a little disappointed.

I also put a few of my knitting project bags on Etsy. Go - buy them. These are small (pair of socks project size). If they don't sell I will put my sock projects in them and throw away the ziplock bags they are in now.

My next project will be to dye some yarn. I have two skeins that will be for Tempest and the rest will be up for grabs on Etsy. I'd like to do that tomorrow.

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