Sunday, November 09, 2008


Well - There is no way I'm going to even come close to a post a day in November.

I spent today learning to use the knitting machine my grandmother gave me. I did manage to get a few knitting type things done. I cast on, which has been a problem in the past, and knit a sleeve including false ribbing and hemming the sleeve on the machine. I am probably going to just dump the practice bits I made today. It's some crappy acrylic yarn I got free somewhere, so I'm not going to wear it. But I am going to work with it until I can manage something blanket size without too much difficulty.

Otherwise some progress was made on getting my crap together but, as with all cleaning, there appears to be more mess rather than less. I am not disturbed by this. I am not enjoying stepping over the stuff. I need to move a box of yarn and a pile of fabric in order to put a few other things in the boxes they belong in. I don't want to and that has become the mini roadblock. But it won't last long. I have a plan!

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Anonymous said...

It always gets worse before it gets better - according to my mother.

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