Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Nov 2 2010

Today's installment is a lovely bit of fair isle from Alice and Jade Starmore. Frankly I think it's fair to say that these are some of my favorite designs. Their book Tudor Roses has inspired a lot of my knitting. I've already completed Anne Bolyn and Elizabeth I and I have only the sleeves remaining on Mary Tudor.

Mary Tudor was quite a challenge. The pattern is a cardigan, which for some unknown reason I am not fond of, so I decided it should be a pullover. Shaping the neck and knitting the neckband took a really long time, around a couple years. And I have yarn set aside for one more of them: Margaret Tudor. The hold up on this one is the buttons, I'm still looking for the perfect buttons.

This lovely pattern is call Katherine of Aragon. I have the yarn to make either version I'm leaning toward the pullover. But that changes everything I contemplate casting it on. I will not be casting this one on until I finish the sleeves on Mary Tudor.

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