Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nov 9, 2010

Sometimes life and the heart call for a simple project. This sweater is a simple classic. I am sure that I will find the endless ribbing to be mind numbing. But I'm going to make it.

And in honor of my inner geek I'm going to make mine in Ravenclaw colors. I admit I'm a Harry Potter geek. My daughter loves it so I may as well enjoy all the time I get to spend watching the movies and discussing the stories. If Harry Potter isn't your thing it will also pass for the Indianapolis Colts colors, if that's your brand of geekage.

Tonight was Shepherd's Choice Mystery book club. It is a great deal of fun and we almost talked about the book this time. We choose our next book and are having a holiday theme next time.

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Sara said...

Soar Ravenclaw!