Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nov 10, 2010

Today I bring you a submission from Poetry in Stitches.

I thought this sweater was lovely, except for the colors. Orange is just not one of my favorites. However, one day I was browsing the clearance rack at one of my favorite local yarn purveyors and found this:

It is New England shetland in grey and two purple shades.

Poetry in Stitches is a particular collection of lovely knits that will be making a repeat appearance or two.

I have already made a lovely red and white number, which will be knit again. The first one, while lovely was too big for me and I just never wore it. On those few rare occasions when I did I felt like the 4 year old who'd broken into mother's closet. I considered ripping it back or steeking and making it smaller. Since I couldn't decide which would be preferable I did neither and in the end gave it to a friend. She wears it often (or so I hear) and loves it to pieces. Perhaps the next one will be blue and white.

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