Thursday, November 04, 2010

Nov 4 2010

What joy I have found in Norwegian knitwear design.

A couple years ago I went to Yarn Over and purchased this

on clearance from one of the vendors. (I also purchased the kit for Box Sweet at the same event.)

This is a beautiful sweater - but I want to make it smaller (that over sized sweater issue again) and skip the collar. I pulled this kit out a month ago, thinking it would be a good time to start it. Then I read the instructions.

Nearly all the color work is done using swiss darning. Hmm - fiddly work after the knitting is done. I know me well enough to know how that will work out. On the other hand it isn't so much of an annoyance that I've put it back in stash. I keep thinking I should just cast this baby on and start knitting.

Hey - it could happen

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