Monday, November 01, 2010

Nov 1 2010

In the interest of getting back into the habit of posting and in honor of nanowrimo (which is crazy, by the way, all due respect to those who dare). I am going to attempt to post every day and in order to 1) give myself something to blog about 2) get a grip on my stash and 3) get a good look at the cool stuff therein I plan to post on sweater kit from my stash each day.

First up we have one of my Philosopher's Wool sweaters. This one is Colour Your Own in Fall colorway.

I love these sweaters, the yarn and the designs. They have really helped me to grow as a knitter. It's scary to choose the next color, the first couple sweaters. But what they say is true, if you have a matched palette you can't go wrong. Even the one I made with leftovers from other kits turned out quite well. I'm still a bit nervous when I put my own palette together, but I'm not as paralyzed as I once was. I have made probably 5 of these to date. I have started changing the shaping a little for the last few and will probably make more shaping changes to this one when I make it.

I also used this yarn the first time I fixed a mistake. I grabbed the wrong yarn, didn't notice right away and had to removed the cuff and three inches of the sleeve and reknit it. It was a bit scary, but worked out well.

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