Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Today we had - Family law, more specifically - alimony (in all it's many forms), child support, visitation, and conflicts of law (or is the conflict of laws?). The lecturer should have used terms other than foreign and forum. They sound much too similar on tape and when strung together two or three in a row I had no idea which one he was using. I'll have to grab text for that in order to get it all figured out.

I also managed 2 of 3 on some crim law questions. Must remember assumption of risk.

Why did I think this was a good idea?

In knitting news I had to rip back the second sock of my third pair of Sock Wars socks. The prior assassin had finished the first one and used a stockingnet heel. I had already completed the s1k1 heel, turned the heel and almost finished the gusset before I noticed. Great attention to detail. I had checked her gauge but nothing else. Her gauge was perfect. The yarn is a lovely color of Tofutsie I will have to seek out.

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