Sunday, June 08, 2008


I have been quite busy finishing stuff and starting socks. I started two new pair in the last week. I am also working on finishing a shawl I started last year. I'm just past the half way point.

I have also been working on my garden. The plants are growing and lovely. I have flowers and seedlings to brighten my day. Today we put down mulch to protect the new plants and keep the weeds down. I don't really care much for mulch but weed suppression is important. I don't have time to give an un-mulched garden the attention it deserves.

I also REALLY want to get started on the StrickWear cardigan I purchased. I keep trying to get my daughter to ball the yarn for me - but so far she keep resisting. I might lose this particular battle.

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Anonymous said...

mom is half done with hers, get moving!