Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today didn't start out so well. A smoke detector started a low battery beep yesterday. I had a new battery so I wasn't worried. I put the new battery in but it still beeped. It was late so I just closed my door so I could ignore it and get some sleep - It'll still be there in the morning.

Around 3am the one in my bedroom began to beep then the one in my daughter's room began to beep. I messed around trying unsuccessfully to get them to stop until 6am. Then I called my spouse, who is on vacation and woke him up at an ungodly hour. We talked about it for some time, he told me to unplug them, I figured out how to unplug them (they are wired in but they have a little plug - who knew). I managed to get them unplugged and then waited until 9 when the store opened. New batteries fresh from the store did the trick.

After that morning fiasco I stomped around for a few hours, finished a shawl and baked some bars.

My friend and I headed out to World Wide Knit In Public Day (we do it all the time so it was hard to see it as special). She needed to replace a broken needle so she could finish her socks. We hit two stores before we managed to find them. Then we went to The Double Ewe. They were having quite the festivities. It was fun. I didn't win a door prize - but really - what do I need with more yarn.

I started working on my Box Sweet sweater. I have finished 7 squares and I hope to finish a couple more yet tonight.

After knitting we stopped at the liquor store and headed to my friend's house. Her husband was making us dinner. It was really tasty.

So in spite of everything I will count today as a win.

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