Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quiet Blog Week

After all the action last week it has been pretty quiet here this week. I have knit most of a sock, nice pattern, nice yarn. I will probably finishing them this weekend. I have to spend next week sewing some garb and doing a little artsy painting. Nothing big.

Today I'm going shopping to get my daughter's birthday present. I hope she likes it. It's a big present for a big birthday.

I have joined another knitting swap. I talked my friend Terri into joining too. We are having a lot of fun planning all the stuff together and that is making the shopping extra fun. I think our packages will end up being a lot similar, but there are really only so many ways you can put them together anyway.

Off to start my day. Everyone have a fantastic weekend.

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Anonymous said...

what is a knitting swap and could I do something? da ma