Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh look - shiney!

I know I promised pictures – but I’m having some focus issues of late – but not with the camera. The camera operator is behaving a bit like a spastic ferret. I started and frogged four projects last night – in an hour. It’s quite shameful and I will probably go home and frog the one I was working on when I gave up the ghost and went to bed.

I finished Marta, except for some ends and buttons. I also made a pair of mittens for the Dulaan project. I have all this scrap yarn that isn’t enough to really do anything with but is too much to just throw away. So it seems like the perfect solution. I can sit and make hats and mittens until it is all gone and then ship a box of stuff away to people who need it, freeing up space in my stash.

When my daughter gets home from her vacation we are going to see if we can find some polar fleece and she can make a few blankets to send as well. It will be a good project for her.

I finally admitted to Steve that I started his sweater. I wanted him to try it on to make sure it was the proper size before I finish it.

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Liz said...

How did it fit him? I'm sure he will love it, it looks gorgeous!