Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh my aching muscles!

This weekend was spent putting in a new garden. I convinced my spouse to allow me to put a ‘wild’ flower bed in the front yard. I explained many times that this garden won’t be ‘done’ for years. My friend S came over to help and we worked our collective butts into the ground. I spent a crazy amount of money on plants and planted a space larger that I anticipated and it is more full than I expected but still pretty barren. We will need to put down some mulch – but not until the seeds come up. We may get mulch and mulch everywhere except where the seeds are. I hate mulch.

There was some knitting. I finished a sock and my friend G came over and turned some skeins into nice balls for me (she wanted to use my equipment and in payment she took care of some random projects that needed to be helped along). I planted the veggie garden and then G and I went to have a coffee break and I helped her vet a portion of her new pattern.

G is writing a pattern for a pair of socks from the 16th century, based on pictures. I started this several years ago and then never finished. She is more dedicated and will be finished. She already knows what needs doing – but she uses me to talk through things. I’m going to use the knitfont I have to do the chart for her in knit speak, knit a sample to proof the chart. I think I will just make the socks and that way I will have a pair when the pattern is complete. It’s fun to talk knitting with her. We noticed yesterday that one of the pictures we have has the one sock right side out and one sock inside out. We don’t agree on which side is the right side. This was a very cool discovery. Neither of us had noticed before in spite of pouring over the pictures for hours and hours.

In return she has agreed to help proof my new sock pattern when I get it finished.

There were many interesting happenings over at Sock Wars this weekend, including the untimely demise of my assassin. The socks she was knitting for me are now on their way to Ontario. I am still waiting for the SIP (socks-in-progress) from my victim to arrive. My nerves are starting to fray a little from the stress of waiting. That or I’m just really anxious to get back in the game.

Although some of the fun of the game has gone out of it for me. Since part of the game is waiting for the SIP to arrive I am unhappy that someone who has admitted to not waiting for two SIPs hasn't been disqualified. I have spent the last week waiting for socks. In that week I could have knit 2 more pairs of socks. That isn't the way the rules were set up and we should all have to abide by the same rules.

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Carrie K said...

You'll pass the bar again, never fear.

That's too bad about the rules being broken in Sock Wars. It's the principle of the game.

16th Century socks? I want to see them!