Sunday, May 04, 2008

Some people!

Since I washed out of Sock Madness (so close!) I had a little time on my hands (or something) So I've decided to try my hand at Sock Wars. I have purchased some Tofutsies for my 'weapon'. I love the socks I made with it from the Sock of the Month kit. So I figured why not.

I chose two colors and I don't know which one I will make the Sock War socks from but they are both nice. I will start my gauge swatch as soon as I finish my little girl's prom dress. I have everything done except hemming and I have to put the boning in by hand, since I don't want any sewing to show. I'm just a little compulsive. And I have to hurry and finish that dress because Sock War starts the 9th, which coincidentally is the same day as prom. Imagine that - sounds like fate to me!


Carrie K said...

Good luck this time out! You can do it. It's fate.

The Adiago Shawl is really pretty!

Valkryie Knit This said...

Prom is on a friday night? Or am I off on my dates? :)

Crazy! She's not old enough to go to prom! That means I'm old! ;)

Knit-Knot said...

May 9th - last time I checked it was Friday.

Don't start with the 'I'm so old' crap. It's not like you're old enough to be her mother or anything.

Nicole said...

Speaking as your target in sock wars, I like either color. But I say you deserve some time off after the prom dress. Yes . . . take lots of time off! ;)