Monday, April 14, 2008

Dooby Dooby Dooby

Yarnover was a lot of fun. I met up with Kelly and Jen early (they were early, I was late) I admired several sweater kits I didn’t need and they managed to sell the ones I was interested in before I managed to decide to buy them. I was also considering the purchase of enough yarn for a nice Aran (I only have enough yarn for two or three of these already 1 for Steve, 1 St. Bridget and one I don’t know yet) It was lovely natural colored wool. I fondled scads of alpaca and silk.

Kimmet Croft, who once put together Bohus kits was there – I talked to her about getting one – alas I was once again denied. It seems she can’t get a mill to spin her angora properly, alas (sigh). Liz informed me that she deeply desires an angora bunny. I encouraged Kelly to buy yarn.

We went up to see Franklin so Kelly and Jen could get their pictures taken and Liz had hers taken as well. By this time it was nearly noon. Kelly and Jen wanted lunch – so we checked to see how close Kate and her mother were. They were minutes away so Kelly and Jen went for lunch and I stayed to wait.

Kate and Pat arrived. I admired Niamh. Baby Cuteness! We wondered back through the trail of temptation. This time I bought stuff (gasp). I had been doing so well. I bought a pattern and yarn for two tea cosies (one for me, one for Kate, perhaps more) and I broke down and bought a kit from StrickWear. I love her stuff. The graduated colors are fantastic and I already have a shawl kit I bought at Sheepy last year so I know the yarn is lovely. Candace told me I had better finish that shawl before the sweater was shipped – or else. I’m not sure or else what.

We wondered about a bit more and decided to go for lunch. We went to The Good Earth off 36 and Fairview. I think it is my current favorite. Carrot Ginger soup! Kate thinks Lars would like to eat there. Pat read the breakfast menu – she is searching for a brunch place. I think their breakfast stuff is good.

I then headed home, did some cleaning and some more knitting on my Sock Madness Socks. They were still not done at bedtime.

Sunday after finishing a bodice for a friend, starting a prom dress for my daughter cleaning up the room a bit (required to reach the sewing machine), and finishing the taxes I found the shawl kit, figured out where I was in the process, and knit a few inches. All in all Sunday was a roaring success.

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