Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wild Weekend

It was a wild and wonderful weekend. I had a great time. I took classes and visited with people.

I started a pair of socks for a friend. She is a wonderful person whom I adore who wanted to knit socks and was. She had a leg knitted. Every stitch was crossed and she had decided that she couldn't knit the heel and I must knit it for her. This is a problem. I am incapable of knitting every stitch crossed. I am also incapable of matching her gauge. So after a couple of rows and attempts at heel creation I took apart her sock and started it over. I finished the first heel this morning and started the second cuff. I will proceed with the second sock to the heel and then knit both feet. I feel slightly guilty about not letting her finish the sock. But I couldn't help her with it. She is also making a scarf and it is going much better. She has better tension and not all the stitches are twisted. I will buy her another ball of yarn and a pattern for the winter gift giving holiday and she can try again.

I am off to check laundry and get ready for another week of fabulous fun at work.

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