Friday, November 03, 2006

And now for something you'll really like . . .

The body of the sweater is finished! I have to do the second sleeve and cuffs and neck. I might even be able to wear it next week! Still not sure about the yarn issue - but I will be by next week.

I hope to spend a good portion of Sunday working on project sorting. I know that I have about 8 pairs of socks in various states of completion that I'd really like to gather together and finish. I don't know how successful I'll be since we also need to continue putting flooring down. I also will be able to get our clothes and stuff put away in our new closets. That will really clean up the mess in a couple of the other rooms. Which would also be a very good thing. This is very exciting!

The thing I really need to start knitting is mittens. I need a new pair, my daughter needs a new pair and my mother needs a new pair. My poor mother has been looking for a pattern that she used during my childhood for the last several years. I don't know if that pattern can really be as fantastic as she remembers it being or not. But I hope she finds it, soon.

I also have only 6 more (self-imposed) weeks to finish a baby sweater and 4 weeks to finish a baby surprise jacket for my friends in NC.

So much for socks.


Anonymous said...

dear daughter
I found some interesting mitten patterns. None like the fabulous one I have in mind, however. I plan to try a couple of them and see what I think. I am going to try one of the Russian patterns someday. I have been looking for a pattern with that 'twisted' stitch. Know what I mean? I saw one on line but don't remember where and can't seem to find it now. It needed to be ordered. Would you share with me?
I have the Hades sweater almost put together. I am very afraid I am too big for it. I will be so disappointed if that is true. Maybe incentive to drop the pounds of lipids???
Love you

Carrie K said...

Yay! and I hope Sunday works out.