Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

Vote early.

It certainly makes the day better. I heard some gentleman complaining about how no one had shown up to vote this morning while I was filling out my ticket. And other precincts had 40 minute waits. I was quick in quick out.

I managed to get most of the blogger stuff fixed. I want to get some other adjustments made but that will wait.

I hope that the yarn shows up today. I still don't have a pattern. My aunt told my mother she'd send me a couple that she had.

I hope I have enough yarn. I hate running out.

I made some really cute little stitch markers last night. I'm going to make some more this week. Probably on Friday. It is much fun. I will not likely run out of stitch markers ever again. I should have ordered some more split rings when I ordered the beads from Fire Mountain. I thought I had all I could ever use and then some. But I was wrong. Probably in the same way I'll be wrong about never running out of stitch markers.

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Anonymous said...

Hope the yarn comes soon - there is nothing worse than thinking you are going to run out! The stitch markers sound great and well done for voting! It will be interesting when the results start coming through...
Your SP